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2014/03 The Governor of EES concedes that the state is unable to relocate displaced people from Jonglei who have recently fled to Nimule area, despite the requests of local Madi people. Snippet
2014/01 The Madi community of Magwi County (EES) says it has no space to accommodate people displaced from Jonglei during the rebellion. The government of EES offers to transport them to the counties of Torit and Kapoeta South instead and that the displaced have agreed. Snippet
2013/08/08 The Madi head chief in Nimule is murdered. Other Madi leaders are arrested, but some Madi suspect the matter is related to Madi resistance to the idea of forming a town council for Nimule. This resistance is because they feel that it would provide a way of consolidating the occupation of land in the area by about 45,000 Dinka people, who have been there since the war, classified as IDPs. Snippet 1238
2012/04/17 Torit peace talks over Magwe situation, 17-21 Apr 2012. See Miraya and SCRN reports Snippet 583
Reference Mini-review
Michael Okia Amuru, 2012/09/26. Response to the crisis in Madiland: central government is responsible [Article] Accessed online.

Focusing on the unsolved murder of the Madi head chief in Nimule in August 2013, this article illuminates the ethnic politics of territory in the western area of Magwe County traditionally occupied by the Madi, and particularly the question of Nimule, where since the war there have been large numbers of Dinka people allegedly with close links to leaders in the SPLM/A.

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