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2014/04/26 1,400 people died of malaria in 2013, and two million suffered from the infection, says Health Minister Riek Gai. Snippet 1867
2014/04/11 A 2014-2021 strategic health plan is launched by national and state health ministries at the end of a workshop in Nairobi. The planning process has been supported by USAID, WHO, PSI, Mentor initiative, and malaria control officials from other African countries. Snippet 1788
2014/03 The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Health says the ministry is planning a nation-wide malaria control operation based on spraying inside homes. However, the National Malaria Control Program Manager says that the Ministry agreed on distribution of mosquito nets as the only simple way of preventing malaria, and that seven strategies are in place. Meanwhile, it is claimed that more than 50% of hospital beds are taken by malaria patients. Snippet 1647
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