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Melut County

Date Snippet Page
2014/02 Representatives of Apadang Dinka people (of Renk, Melut, Baliet and Akoka counties of Upper Nile) at a meeting in Melut County condemn attacks on them by rebel forces. Snippet 1383
2013/10 The Commissioner of Melut County highlights adverse effects of oil production in his county. He seeks implementation of an environmental and social audit as provided for in the Petroleum Act, with a view to compensation of the affected communities by DPOC (the oil consortium implicated). Snippet
Reference Mini-review
Elke Grawert and Christine Andrä, 2013/05. Oil investment and recovery in Upper Nile State, South Sudan [Report] Bonn International Center of Conversion. Accessed online.

Reports a study of relations between local communities, government and oil corporations in oilfield areas of Blocks 3 and 7 in Melut and Maban Counties, Upper Nile State. Includes useful background chapter on oil and confilct in Sudan and South Sudan.

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