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mining (non-oil)

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2014/03/31 The first official gold-mining exploration is being started in the three counties of Greater Kapoeta, by New Kush Exploration and Mining Limited together with the EES government. Snippet 1720
2013/09 Six people have been killed in fights in the Baka gold mine area of Talaa, Budi County, Eastern Equatoria, over an unspecified period. A county official blamed the fights on the effects of 'guu' and 'lira-lira' alcohol brewed in neighbouring districts of Uganda. The Baka gold mine area is said to be multi-ethnic, with many people from neighbouring countries, as well as criminals who flee there after committing crimes elsewhere in the county. Snippet
2013/08/15 The mining ministry holds a workshop on mining taxation. Officials admit that illegal gold mining will require great resources to detect. Lack of road and other infrastructure is still a major obstacle for industrial mining. Snippet
2013/07 The director general of mineral development surmises that the value of gold produced by 'local miners', untaxed and mostly unofficially exported, could be about USD 600 million per year. The main sites are Greater Kapoeta in EES, Udabi in Morobo County in CES, and Pachalla in UNS. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
Nhial Tiitmamer, 2014/04/22. South Sudan’s Mining Policy and Resource Curse [Report] The Sudd Institute. Accessed online.

This paper is designed to prompt and inform amendments to the Policy Framework for the Minerals and Mining Sector, 2013 (a document whose contents are only briefly described, and apparently not currently available on the internet). Based partly on the good practice of Botswana, the paper contends that the policy should include more two-way linkages with strategies in other sectors, especially road and energy infrastructure, education, and health. It should also include the creation of mineral resource funds, and insist on remediation and reclamation for defunct mining sites.


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