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national commissions and chambers

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2014/06 China is consigning humanitarian aid through the SSRRC (Relief and Rehabilitation Commission): non-food items like tents, mosquito nets and solar panels. Snippet: China is consigning humanitarian aid through the SSRRC (Relief and Reh....
2014/05/05 The Human Rights Commission is developing a human rights curriculum and teaching materials for both primary and secondary schools. Snippet: The Human Rights Commission is developing a human ....
2013/06 to 2013/09 In June 2013 the ICRC formally recognizes SSRC as a national society. In September the IFRC signs a status agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Snippet: In June 2013 the ICRC formally recognizes SSRC as ....
2014/04 The National Elections Commission is at the stage of consulting in the formation of high committees for elections in each of the states. The Chief Electoral Officer hopes that all parties can disseminate their views through the media. Snippet 1772
2014/04/05 A National Platform for Peace and Reconciliation (NPPR) is launched, said to be independent of government, but joining the work of three bodies with government mandates: the the Peace and Reconciliation Commission, the Specialised Committee on Peace and Reconciliation in the National Legislative Assembly, and the Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation. NPPR is fronted by Archbishop Daniel Deng and has major support from churches. President Kiir welcomes the initiative, but VP Wani Igga suggests it has no role until GRSS has reached a high-level agreement with the rebels. Snippet 1753
2014/03/20 The Anti-Corruption Commission of EES meets with members of the state's Youth Union, saying that limited resources mean it needs them (and other citizens) to help in the fight against corruption. But the youth chairperson complains at lack of transparency in the work of the Commission, and failure to name even one suspect so far. Snippet 1675
2014/03/19 The chair of the South Sudan Human Rights Commission says it has presented a report on abuses during the recent rebellion to the National Legislative Assembly for action. Snippet
2014/03/14 About 700 workers in Malualbaai (Aweil East, NBGS) have not been paid their food-for-work, they say. They blame the payam administrator, who blames the RRC, WFP and the partner NGO for not delivering the food. Snippet
2014/03 The state-level work of the Constitutional Review Commission has stopped, due to post-rebellion insecurity. Snippet 1530
2013/10 The National Constitutional Review Commission appeals for extra funds, as its allocation in the national budget remains at SSP 9 million for 2013-2014. It says this is only enough to pay salaries, and not to print copies of the transitional constitution for civic education purposes. Snippet
2013/10 The South Sudan Human Rights Commission (SSHRC) does not support abolishing the death penalty at present, according to its chairperson, Lawrence Korbandy. A process of education and changing values is required first. SSHRC is planning to introduce human rights literature in schools. Snippet
2013/04 President Kiir dissolves the National Reconciliation Committee and mandates a new one composed largely of religious leaders. The chair is ECS archbishop elect Daniel Deng Bul, and vice-chair is retired Catholic bishop Paride Taban. Snippet 1317
2005 to 2013/10/01 The biggest anti-corruption investigation between 2005 and late 2013 is the (unconcluded) one into Deng Alor Kuol and Kosti Manibe Ngai over illegal request and transfer of about USD 8 million, although USD 4 billion has been said to have been stolen in total. The draft Anti-Corruption Bill has not yet been passed. Snippet
2013/09 After a visit to the states of greater Bahr el Ghazal, President Kiir directs the Anti-Corruption Commission to extend its activities to the 10 states. Snippet
2013/09 A local MP in Pigi County alleges that 13,000 sacks of dura, WFP food aid intended as food for work in Khorfulus and Atar Payams, was wrongly sold in the market by county officials. This seems to be related to the sacking of the RRC coordinator by the County Commissioner. Snippet 1219
2013/08 SSRRC coordinator in Guit County (Unity State) is murdered. Snippet
2013/08/08 A report in the name of the 'National Advocacy Group' (membership unknown) published in, alleges large-scale corruption under the former commerce minister, Garang Diing Akuang. It details the modality, which involves getting a permit from the ministry to buy USD at the official government rate in order to import something, but selling the dollars at a black-market price. A branch of the Qatar National Bank is accused of collusion. The NAG says it provided the report privately to the President and Anti-Corruption Commission in late 2012, but saw no action. Snippet 1129
2013/08 The National Elections Commission officially launches its website, a tool of civic education and voter information. Snippet
2013/03/15 to 2013/08/01 On 15 and 23 March 2012, 'huge sums of money' are stolen from the Office of the President. After this fact is revealed by Sudan Tribune, President Kiir suspends three officials in the office and sets up a committee headed by SSACC Chairperson John Gatwec Lul. The report concludes the theft was done by a syndicate of office insiders, and notes a failure of office leaders to report the matter or tighten security afterwards. By 1st August it appears that at least two of the suspended officials have been reinstated. Snippet 1045
2013/02/15 A public hearing at the National Legislative Assemby hears that the National Constitutional Review Commission has made little progress, and its size and duration may be curtailed, due to lack of funding. The meeting was supported by Embassy of Germany, IFES South Sudan and IRI. Snippet 674
2012/02 A protection unit is established within SSRRC, funded by UNHCR. (SCRN, 15 February 2013) Snippet 672
2012/09 International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Sep 2012 Supports National Constitutional Review Commission (SCRN 10 Sep) Snippet 558
2012/08 German Foreign Ministry with Max Planck Institute supports conference and seminar helping inform the National Constitutional Review Commission (The Citizen, 21 Aug 2012) Snippet 554
Reference Mini-review
SSHRC, 2014/03. Interim Report on South Sudan Internal Conflict December 15, 2013 - March 15, 2014 [Report] South Sudan Human Rights Commission. Accessed online.

This 13-page report by the Human Rights Commission finds that there was 'mass violation of human rights'. It details some of this, mostly without being able to attribute responsibility further than to say there was 'loss of control over forces by the government and rebel force commanders respectively'. It insists on facing up to the problem of ethnic hatred rather than denying that killings were ethnically motivated. It urges further investigation by the Government and AU commissions of inquiry, leading to prosecutions. And it doubts government claims that 100 SPLA suspects were detained.

Sofie Dreef and Wolfgang Wagner, 2013. Designing elections in conflict-prone divided societies: the case of South Sudan [Report] Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF). Accessed online.

Explains aspects of election design and examines them in the context of South Sudan, although there seems little scope to change the design before scheduled elections of 2015. On timing and sequencing, it is important that the 2015 elections should not be delayed - to establish a regular institution. On electoral administration, the NEC seems well supported by aid, but its capacity to resist political pressures is untested. On electoral system, the mixture of proportional representation and single-member constituencies is appropriate.

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