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NCRC (National Constitutional Review Commission)

Date Snippet Page
2014/03 The state-level work of the Constitutional Review Commission has stopped, due to post-rebellion insecurity. Snippet 1530
2013/10 The National Constitutional Review Commission appeals for extra funds, as its allocation in the national budget remains at SSP 9 million for 2013-2014. It says this is only enough to pay salaries, and not to print copies of the transitional constitution for civic education purposes. Snippet
2013/02/15 A public hearing at the National Legislative Assemby hears that the National Constitutional Review Commission has made little progress, and its size and duration may be curtailed, due to lack of funding. The meeting was supported by Embassy of Germany, IFES South Sudan and IRI. Snippet 674
2012/09 International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Sep 2012 Supports National Constitutional Review Commission (SCRN 10 Sep) Snippet 558
2012/08 German Foreign Ministry with Max Planck Institute supports conference and seminar helping inform the National Constitutional Review Commission (The Citizen, 21 Aug 2012) Snippet 554
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