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2013/10 The ministry of foreign affairs is trying to respond to concerns in the Legislative Assembly by slimming down the diplomatic service. It believes many diplomats have been appointed incorrectly. Many have been appointed on the strength of being important in the independence struggle, rather than diplomatic qualities. South Sudan currently has 22 embassies, but more than 90 ambassadors. Snippet 1333
2013/08 Unity State official explains the large number of ministers and advisors in the state on the demands for representation by each county and ethnic group Snippet
Reference Mini-review
Stephen Par Kuol, 2013/09/29. The local government In the state of Lacuna [Article] Gurtong. Accessed online.

Testimony by a local government official on the poor state of local government in most counties. Major shortcomings which he identifies are: a lack of effective accountability - and consequent corruption - of county commissioners; a lack of practical resourcing and implementation of the structures outlined in the 2009 Local Government Act; and prevalence of nepotism over meritocracy in appointments.

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