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NPA (Norwegian People's Aid)

Date Snippet Page
2014/04 The South Sudan Land Alliance holds its second general assembly, supported by Norwegian People's Aid. Snippet
2013/09 Civil society groups hold a workshop on transparency and accountability in the management of public natural resources. They have a working group on accountability and transparency. Norwegian People's Aid is apparently involved in the workshop. The workshop appears to be a follow-up of the one of September 2012, looking at the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) worldwide coalition of coalitions. Snippet 1222
2013/02 NPA is supporting SSuLA (South Sudan Land Alliance). (SSuLA/Gurtong, 16 Feb 2013 and SSuLA website, accessed 20 Feb 2013) Snippet 686
2012/09 NPA is doing natural resource impact monitoring (e.g. in relation to TOTAL) (Miraya 21 Sep 2012) Snippet 566
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