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Nyandeng Malek Deliec

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2014/03/01 A raid on a cattle camp in Twic County (Warrap State) by attackers from Unity State leaves nine people dead and eight wounded. Now that many SPLA troops have gone to fight rebels, Warrap governor Nyandeng urges the police to be more forceful in using their guns to protect civilians. Snippet
2014/02/17 Warrap state parliament unanimously passes the programme-outlining speech of governor Nyandeng: the first time such a speech has passed without resistance since she was elected in 2010. Snippet
2013/09 to 2013/10 The governor of Warrap State, Nyandeng Malek Delic, sacks the state finance minister on grounds of corruption. Snippet
2012/08 Aug 2012: Governor Nyandeng is accused by some politicians in Warrap of excluding minorities (especially Bongo) from government in Warrap State, and of general incompetence (ST 26 Aug) Snippet 592
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