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Nzara County

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2013/09 Western Equatoria State has signed an MOU with Lumber-logs South Sudan Limited. Their operation involves a saw-mill at Yabua in Nzara County, and teak plantations at Singbi (Nzara) and Marangu (Ezo County). The company has agreed to pay into social funds to compensate the communities in Singbi and Marangu. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
Aly Verjee, 2013/03/14. Is all well in the teak forests of South Sudan? [Article] African Arguments. Accessed online.

Good-quality piece of investigative journalism, centering on the ethical standards of the Equatoria Teak Company, the Central Equatoria Teak Company, and their majority owner, Maris Capital. It uncovers a faulty claim by ETC to being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and also explains some of the practical difficulties of certification processes. But it concludes that the fostering of transparency and responsibility in forestry companies is the best way forward for the teak logging sector, in view of the widespread alternative of illegal and highly wasteful logging.

EJAtlas, 2011-2014. Teak forest exploitation, South Sudan [Web page] Environmental Justice Atlas. Accessed online.

Web-page case-file on the teak concession at Nzara operated by the Equatoria Teak Company.


ETC (Equatoria Teak Company)


Equatoria Teak Company calls itself 'South Sudan’s leading sustainable forestry company' (ref). Its operations are based in Nzara, Western Equatoria State, at the site of the historic Nzara Agricultural Complex.

The ETC operation began in Southern Sudan in 2006-7. A 32-year concession for 186 square kilometres was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, approved by the Council of Ministers. It involved a lump-sum social contribution of USD 100,000, - most of which was used to build Nzara Secondary School - and royalties according to the quantity of timber exported. Originally the company's majority shareholders were agencies of the British and Finnish governments. But these stakes were sold in 2010 to Maris Capital, a venture capital company with offices in London and African cities (ref).





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