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Pathoth (sub-section)

Date Snippet Page
2013/08/02 Following the killing of two teachers, apparently in feuding involving the Pamany sub-section, the caretaker governor of Lakes State, Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol orders the closure of all primary schools in Rumbek East County, and threatens chiefs with dismissal if they don't identify the likely culprits. Snippet
2013/07 There is a new round of at least three killings in the feud between Pathoth and Pamany sub-sections of Kok Dinka in Rumbek East. Snippet
2013/02 The acting governor of Lakes State orders imprisonment of 50 members of Pamany and Pathoth, feuding sub-sections of Kok Dinka. They are held without charge. Snippet 1041
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