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Peter Abdurrahman Sule

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2014/02 The UDF opposition party is in turmoil as its former leader - Peter Abdurrahman Sule - is released from prison. (He had been imprisoned for taking part in a rebellion.) Some UDF officials say he has been reinstated as leader, others say the meeting in which this happened was illegal. Snippet
2013/10/07 President Kiir pardons five individuals 'who took up arms against the Republic of South Sudan'. They are: Gabriel Tang Chan, Thomas Mabor Dhol, James Gatwich Joak, Simon Gatwich Dual, and Peter Abdul Rahaman Sule. Snippet
2013/02/15 WES Governor Bakosoro calls for the release of Peter Abdurrahman Sule, leader of the United Democratic Front (UDF), who has been held without trial since 2011. He is alleged to have rebelled since failing to be elected Governor of Central Equatoria State in 2010. Snippet 676
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