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political infighting

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2013/10/07 Amid infighting over impeachment of the deputy speaker in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal assembly, one member of the assembly observes: 'We have not been allowed time and opportunity to do what the people who elected us wants to do, instead we have allowed ourselves to be divided by individuals'. Snippet
2013/10 Chief (or Reth or king) of Shilluk people in South Sudan, Kwongo Dak Padiet, meets President Kiir and urges him to promote unity rather than political rivalries. Snippet
2013/10/06 The Lakes State governor sets up an investigation committee into the recent disturbances and controversial arrests in Yirol West County, saying they should be seen as a personal case between the county commissioner, Colonel Majak Ruei, and MP David Deng Athorbei. Snippet
2013/09/27 to 2013/09/30 The Lakes State government apparently tries to stop a meeting being addressed by MP and former minister David Deng Athorbei. Deng returns to Juba, but there are then demonstrations and damage to the county commissioner's office, resulting in many arrests, of teachers and administrators as well as youth. Snippet 1234
2013/08/26 Some MPs believe that the national legislative assembly was intimidated by President Kiir into conducting business on Monday 26th August without a speaker, in contravention of procedural rules. They contend that Kiir is trying to manipulate the process of selection. Snippet
2013/08 Newly-appointed commissioner for Payinjiar County (Unity State) is the sixth since 2005. The county has a problem of 'rampant disunity'. Residents also complain the county is ill-represented in the state government. Snippet
2013/07/27 President Kiir meets leaders of the 17 registered political parties, inviting them to nominate potential ministers for the new government. Snippet
2013/07/25 President Kiir is reported to have had difficulty appointing a new Vice-President. John Luk Jok, James Hoth Mai and Riek Gai Kok are reported to have turned down the job, while James Wani Igga was accused in consultative meetings of 'weakness and lack of seriousness as a leader'. Snippet 1032
2013/07/23 President Kiir's sacking of Vice-President Riek Machar is welcomed by the Governor of Jonglei, Kuol Manyang, on the grounds that Machar's lack of loyalty to Kiir was untenable. Manyang says Machar had said he had lost confidence in Kiir and had told Kiir that he planned to contest his position in the 2015 election. Manyang says that Machar is now 'free to form his own political party'. Snippet 1023
2013/07/23 President Salva Kiir issues a decree sacking VP Riek Machar and dissolving the cabinet. He also orders a corruption investigation of SPLM Secretary-General Pagan Amum. These actions are widely seen as part of a power struggle at the top of government and the SPLM. Snippet 1021
2013/02/18 A majority of state MPs in Unity State vote for a no-confidence motion against the state assembly speaker, Simon Maguek Gai. However, the state governor, Taban Deng Gai, does not back his removal, and discussions continue. Snippet 725
Reference Mini-review
Abraham Awolich and Zacharia Diing AkolThe SPLM leadership contest: An opportunity for change or a crisis of governance? [Report] The Sudd Institute. Accessed online.

This Policy Brief was released on the same day that President Kiir dismissed Vice-President Machar and placed SPLM Secretary-General Pagan Amum under investigation for corruption. It had foreseen such action as one scenario in the already-evident brewing power struggle between the three men. The other main scenario (which it saw as preferable) was to engineer enough personal reconciliation to buy time for improving the SPLM's internal democracy, so that choices of leaders could be done through more broadly-based election rather than political infighting.

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