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2014/07/04 Equatorians in the army and police are being disarmed, says the governor of CES. Snippet: Equatorians in the army and police are being disarmed, says the govern....
2014/06/03 to 2014/06/04 Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are reported in dire need of medical care and other assistance. The EES health minister says there is no IDP camp, but as citizens the people can access facilities in Mogali Payam and Nimule Town. (The IDPs from Jonglei were previously offered relocation to a different part of EES but refused.) However, UNHCR and Health Link South Sudan go ahead with a needs assessment and registration. Snippet: Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are repor....
2014/05 Representatives of Anyuak and Jie communities say they do not want to be part of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, which was negotiated by GRSS with the SSDM/A Cobra faction (David Yau Yau militia). Snippet: Representatives of Anyuak and Jie communities say they do not want to ....
2014/06/02 to 2014/06/03 National- and state- level education ministers meet for consultation. Among problems discussed are weak arrangements for examinations, lack of textbooks, and the need for a system which embraces people with disabilities. Snippet: National- and state- level education ministers meet for consultation. ....
2014/05/30 to 2014/05/31 Representatives of Misseriya and Dinka Malual peoples meet to discuss and regulate their cross-border relationship, at Wanyjok in NBGS. There are relatively few points of conflict this year, and they agree to encourage inter-marriages through inter-cultural dances. Snippet: Representatives of Misseriya and Dinka Malual peoples meet to discuss ....
2014/05/26 to 2014/05/27 Representatives of Rizeigat and Dinka Malual peoples meet in Gok Machar, NBGS, on their cross-border relationship. They review the implementation of 18 rules which they had agreed in January, and agree terms for Reizeigat cattle grazing in NBGS in the coming year. Snippet: Representatives of Rizeigat and Dinka Malual peoples meet in Gok Macha....
2014/05/27 A new mosque is a subject of dispute in Wanyjok town, Aweil East County, NBGS. A group of local youth have campaigned for it not to be allowed in a central location, but the local government overrules them. Snippet: A new mosque is a subject of dispute in Wanyjok town, Aweil East Count....
2014/03 to 2014/05 Refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) camps receive only 37 days worth of rations within a 90 day period. At least 2,000 of the 126,000 are forced to return to Sudan because of food shortages. The World Food Programme has the role of delivering the food. With the road from Gambella (Ethiopia) almost unusable in the rainy season, it has organized some airlifts and airdrops, but is also pursuing the cheaper alternative of barge transportation. Snippet: Refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) camps receive only 37 days worth....
2014/05/15 A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an IDP camp, but already spread to 11 residential areas. Snippet: A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an I....
2014/05 Public cattle vaccination in NBGS is extended to cattle of nomadic Sudanese pastoralists (Rizeigat, Misseriya) as well as local herders. Snippet: Public cattle vaccination in NBGS is extended to cattle of nomadic Sud....
2014/05/12 The measured malnutrition rate in Doro refugee camp (Maban County) has passed the 'emergency' threshhold. The effect of rain on the roads means that air transportation of supplies will probably be needed. Snippet: The measured malnutrition rate in Doro refugee camp (Maban County) has....
2014/05 The rate of female genital mutilation is high and increasing in Raga and Wau counties, according to the WBGS health minister. He calls on aid agencies to help solve the problem. Snippet: The rate of female genital mutilation is high and ....
2014/05/07 Food rations in refugee camps in Maban County (Upper Nile) are inadequate. UNHCR and WFP blames the fighting between GRSS and rebels for insecurity which hinders the transportation of supplies. Snippet: Food rations in refugee camps in Maban County (Upp....
2014/05/04 to 2014/05/07 At least 11,000 people cross to Ethiopia as refugees in three days following the SPLA's capture of Nasir from the SPLM/A-IO rebels, according to UNHCR. Snippet: At least 11,000 people cross to Ethiopia as refuge....
2014/04/29 Eastern Equatoria State warns Jonglei State to stay out of Kasengor Payam, which it says is part of Kapoeta East County, not Pibor County. It comes after a letter emerges written by Defence Minister Kuol Manyang (formerly governor of Jonglei) directing the release of two vehicles to the "Jie community in Kasengor payam [district] of Pibor county". An MP of Pibor South calls the EES claim a lie. The emergence of the issue seems to be related to demands made by David Yau Yau's rebel group in peace negotiations with GRSS. Snippet: Eastern Equatoria State warns Jonglei State to sta....
2014/04/23 SPLM-DC Chairman, Lam Akol, in Juba, urges youth not to allow themselves to be exploited for others' political and military ambitions. Snippet
2014/04/23 Information Minister Michael Makuei alleges that people were turned away from shelter in the UN base during the rebel capture of Bentiu the previous week; an allegation which is rebutted by UNMISS. Snippet
2014/04/10 Timber companies operating in Kagelu National Forest agree to help build a new primary school in the area. This comes in a meeting at the headquarters of Yei River County chaired by the county commissioner after complaints from the local people that they were not gaining enough benefit from the government-licensed activities. The commissioner also suspends teak logging in the area until further measures are in place to ensure community benefits. Snippet 1797
2014/04/14 The Union of National Banks of South Sudan donates a thousand bags of food (sugar, beans and flour) for displaced people and the army in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile. Snippet
2014/04/09 MSF accuses UNMISS of 'shocking indifference' in not improving conditions for displaced people in Tomping (Tongpiny) camp, even though plans for their transfer to another site face difficulties. Snippet 1777
2014/04 Körgulu people in Yei River County block teak company operations for two days, complaining that the local community is not getting fair benefits from the resource harvesting. Some are reportedly beaten up by employees of Gambo and Sons Timber Company. Snippet 1748
2014/04/04 SUDRA, the relief department of the Episcopal Church (ECSSS), is active in trying to assist displaced people [mainly Dinka from Jonglei] in Nimule area. Local people originally resisted their settlement, but local government has recently allocated land in Miljok to settle 35,000 persons. Snippet
2014/03 People sheltering in the UN camp in Bor (and other places) lack access to secondary health care because it is unsafe for them to go to nearby government hospitals, and aid agencies lack the funding to provide this kind of care. Snippet
2014/03/24 CfC Stanbic Bank (which began operations in Juba in 2012) gives a donation of KSH 10m (about USD 115,000) to the Office of the President for helping internally displaced people. Snippet
2014/04/03 UNHCR is in disagreement with Sudan over the status of South Sudanese who have fled there during the recent crisis of rebellion. Khartoum says they are considered as Sudanese citizens, not refugees. UNHCR wants them labelled as refugees (and perhaps given camps to live in) largely to enable it to raise funds for them and supply aid and protection. Snippet 1738
2014/03/31 8 people are reported killed and 14 wounded in an inter-communal attack in Rumbek County (Lakes State). Members of Nyan, Amotnhiim and Panguerkur clans are reported to have attacked members of Dhiei clan during a traditional ceremony. Snippet
2014/03/28 A peace agreement is initialled by negotiators of GRSS and SSDM-Cobra (David Yauyau militia). The agreement is to create a Greater Pibor Administrative Area, similar to a new state. It also involves a special development fund, increased representation of Murle people in the National Legislative Assembly, and positions for Murle in the national government. The agreement was facilitated by a South Sudanese Church Leaders Mediation Initiative (CLMI). Snippet 1715
2014/03/27 UN OCHA says over a million people have fled their homes since mid-December: about 250,000 to neighbouring countries and 800,000 internally displaced. The UN has requested USD 1.3bn emergency funding before June 2014, of which only USD 315m has so far been met. Snippet
2014/03 Representatives of the Maban community near Yousif Batil refugee camp (Maban County, Upper Nile) ask the government - through its Committee on Refugee Affairs - to lead a process to stabilize and resolve their conflict with the refugees. UNHCR is trying to help this process. Snippet
2014/03/24 Soldiers wounded and disabled in recent fighting protest in Juba against non-payment of their January salaries. Snippet
2014/03/26 GRSS should take affirmative action for people with disabilities, say senior SPLM officials Ann Itto and Acuil Malith Banggol. It should join the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Snippet
2014/03/21 A peace process is organized in Rumbek North county to reconcile youth from Gaak and Manuer sub-clans. Local MPs, chiefs and students take part. Snippet
2014/03 Local people impose an ultimatum of two months for refugees from Blue Nile to leave their camp areas in Maban County. There have been clashes causing re-displacement of many refugees. One reason for hostilities is that the refugees are cutting trees for their shelters. There is also competition for firewood, grass and grazing land. The situation is made worse by interruption of relief food supplies. Snippet 1660
2014/03 The Governor of EES concedes that the state is unable to relocate displaced people from Jonglei who have recently fled to Nimule area, despite the requests of local Madi people. Snippet
2013/03 A UNHCR protection officer warns that mental health may be a big problem among people displaced by recent violence, particularly the unusually large numbers of adult males who fled to UN camps, and those who have witnessed atrocities and intimidation. Snippet
2014/03/14 UNV claims that members of Women Vision, a CBO it has helped set up in Koch County, have successfully persuaded 60 girls to return to school after dropping out. Women Vision also reportedly promotes womens' peacebuilding activities and peacebuilding. Snippet 1618
2014/03/13 Increased tensions in northern Abyei risk sparking a new war, warns the Enough Project. SPLA cadres have been interfering with Misseriya seasonal migration. The existing agreement to demilitarize the area should be honoured, and the international community should pay attention to this. Snippet
2014/03 The peace committee for relations between Rizeigat and Dinka Malual orders blood compensation of 41 cows (or money equivalent) from an SPLA soldier to the family of a Rizeigat man he killed. Snippet
2014/03/07 Rains start early in Juba, bringing extra squalour to the Tomping IDP camp. Snippet
2014/03/12 'Chollo Kingdom is undergoing ethnic cleansing' claims a diaspora group, adding that GRSS has not provided the required protection. Snippet
2014/03 Girl school students are to receive a monthly payment of SSP 35 through the Ministry of Education, using money from UKAID. All schools will also receive a grant specially for girls' education. Snippet
2014/03 Hundreds of young South Sudanese have fled from government-held areas of South Sudan to Ethiopia, and are going via Addis Ababa and Gambella to fight on the rebel side. Snippet
2014/03 A press release from Rally for Peace and Democracy (RPD) expresses alarm at living conditions inside IDP camps run by the UN, claiming that children are dying daily. It also alleges that people in the camps have been shot at and killed by people on the outside as a result of government propaganda from the Information Minister and others that the camps are sheltering armed rebels. Snippet
2014/03/10 Basic (primary) school exam results for Warrap show a high pass rate but enormous gender gap. 2,573 boys pass (93% pass rate), but only 436 girls (85% pass rate). Snippet
2014/03 Much of the recent killing is driven by motives of ethnic-based revenge rather than political struggle, according to an UNMISS commander and a recent HRW report. Snippet
2014/03 A customs and migration office is being set up at Majong, near the Sudan border in Aweil East (NBGS). The Interior Ministry says it will help businesses, create employment, and simplify border crossing procedures for migrant herders. Snippet
2014/03 Food rations are reduced to 130,000 refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) due to the effect of the rebellion on supply routes. Meanwhile cases of severe malnutrition in very young children appear to be increasing. Snippet 1577
2014/03/09 Warrap state agrees to treat local youth volunteers as community police in grazing areas of Twic County. It will provide them with food. Snippet
2014/03 Caretaker governor of Unity State, Joseph Nguen Monytuil, challenges President Kiir over the 5th March shootings of Nuer soldiers in HQ barracks, according to Upper Nile Times. Monytuil reportedly says the soldiers had been ordered out of the UNMISS compound by President Kiir and were unarmed and requesting their pay when shot. Kiir reportedly does not comment on this but suggests all SPLA other than presidential guards be disarmed while in Juba, a suggestion Monytuil rejects. Snippet
2014/03/07 Muslim and Christian leaders in Yei hail their communities' peaceful co-operation. Snippet
2014/03/04 There are deaths and injuries when refugees at Yosif Batil camp, Maban County (Upper Nile) are reportedly attacked by armed and uniformed members of the local community. The attack is thought to be prompted partly by competition for land and natural resources, and also by effects of the current rebellion in South Sudan. Snippet
2014/03/06 Girls are still forced into early marriage and given as blood compensation in EES, acknowledges the state governor. He vows to end the practice. Snippet 1550
2014/03/05 A new UNMISS IDP camp is announced for Tongpiny, to be built by the Zhonghao Overseas Construction Engineering Company Limited, with Chinese aid funding. Snippet 1541
2014/03 Sudan says clashes between Misseriya and Ngok Dinka in the north of Abyei district on 1st March - in which 10 Misseriya were killed - were supported by the South Sudan army. Snippet 1535
2014/02/20 Two GRSS agents are arrested by Ethiopian authorities in Gambella for interference in local affairs, trying to pay eastern Nuer not to support the rebellion in South Sudan, according to a report in Upper Nile Times. Snippet
2014/02 Gudele East Primary School (Juba town) has registered 200 new students who have moved from Jonglei and Upper Nile as a result of conflict. Class size in some cases exceeds 180. Snippet
2014/03/01 The EES governor agrees that army and police should be sent to Nauro Payam (Budi County) to prevent violence between Toposa and Didinga groups. This follows initial report by state MPs on the recent reported massacre. More investigations are to be set up. Snippet
2014/03/02 Nuer residents of the UNMISS camp in Bor say they cannot go out because Nuer who go out are killed. Snippet
2014/03/01 A Yei municipality official says property 'left by Arabs' (particularly near the Municipality) will be taken over by the government, and that people living in such properties should move out 'without any quarrel'. Snippet 1504
2014/02 UNHCR has been trying to move refugees from Yida to other camps, as it considers Yida too close to the Sudan border, too militarized, and too big. But refugee groups are opposing this, and alleging undue pressure. Snippet
2014/02 Diplaced people at UNMISS Tongping (Juba) base are refusing to leave despite poor camp conditions, as they still fear for their safety since the 2013/14 rebellion. Snippet 1495
2014/02 Twic East County (Jonglei state) apparently suffers a new raid by Murle. It is also facing a threat from Lau Nuer despite some of its chiefs allegedly having provided cattle to Riek's rebels in January, and the allegedly anti-government stance of Dr Majak Agoot, a son of the county and currently still in government detention. Snippet
2013/12 President Bashir of Sudan says South Sudanese fleeing from the violence to Sudan should be treated as Sudanese citizens rather than refugees. Snippet 1480
2014/02 19 people are killed in apparently ethnicity-related violence (Toposa, Didinga) in Ngauro Payam, Budi County, Eastern Equatoria. The NLA creates a committee to investigate. Snippet
2014/02 Some refugees from the December 2013 violence in Juba have settled at Kiryandongo in Uganda. Snippet
2014/01 The Madi community of Magwi County (EES) says it has no space to accommodate people displaced from Jonglei during the rebellion. The government of EES offers to transport them to the counties of Torit and Kapoeta South instead and that the displaced have agreed. Snippet
2014/02 Many of the people displaced from Bor area and Juba during the rebellion in late 2013 fled to Nimule area. The government of Eastern Equatoria would like them to move to Kapoeta, but they do not want to go. Snippet
2014/02/14 President Kiir calls for peace, reconciliation and forgiveness in a rally in Freedom Hall, Juba, but calls Riek Machar an 'enemy for peace and progress of South Sudan'. He also calls for Nuer people sheltering in UNMISS bases in non-Nuer areas to leave them and be hosted peacefully in the communities. Snippet 1376
2013/10 HIV infection rates appear to be rising sharply in Bor town and its surrounding area. This is attributed to contact with sex workers who mainly come from neighbouring countries in East Africa. Snippet
2013/10/16 A Darfurian businessman is murdered in Rumbek. Most trading shops in Rumbek are owned by Darfurians. Many foreign-owned shops and bars seem to have been closing recently in Lakes State, due to insecurity and harassment by security services. Snippet
2013/10 Authorities in Malakal say schools in the town are overcrowded because of stranded returnees. Snippet 1361
2013/10 Warrior Security says it is emphasizing the recruitment of women. Warrior (a pan-African company) says it currently employs 2000 guards in South Sudan. Snippet
2013/10/20 to 2013/10/24 There is a major raid on civilians in Twic East County on 20th October, apparently by forces liked to David Yau Yau. 79 people are killed including women and children. President Kiir strongly condemns it but urges the aggrieved communities to 'exercise restraint and remain calm while the law takes its course'. Snippet 1357
2013/10/18 EU Special Envoy to South Sudan visits Yida refugee camp (Unity State), and urges that the refugees be moved to a camp further from the dangerous border area. Snippet
2013/10 About 30,000 returnees are stranded in Renk (Upper Nile State) according to the IOM, 11,000 of them in transit sites. The problem seems partly because most returnees cannot travel to Juba without IOM screening and support. Snippet
2013/10/10 Girls performed slightly better than boys in the 2013 Sudan School Certificate examinations, according to results released by the education ministry. The figures also reportedly show that Warrap was the best performing state and Western Equatoria the worst performing state. Snippet
2013/10 The forthcoming Labour Act is expected to provide protections for physically disabled people. Officials say that 15 per cent of the South Sudan population is physically disabled. Snippet
2013/10 Chief (or Reth or king) of Shilluk people in South Sudan, Kwongo Dak Padiet, meets President Kiir and urges him to promote unity rather than political rivalries. Snippet
2013/10/03 Anyuak paramount chief in Akobo County (Jonglei State), Chol Odio, and other Anyuak in the county, are killed, apparently by Lou Nuer youth. Snippet
2013/10 Ugandan police deploy an officer in the embassy at Juba, to help identify Ugandan criminals in Juba. South Sudan police inspector, Peing Deng, vows to protect law-abiding Ugandans. Snippet
2013/08/08 The Madi head chief in Nimule is murdered. Other Madi leaders are arrested, but some Madi suspect the matter is related to Madi resistance to the idea of forming a town council for Nimule. This resistance is because they feel that it would provide a way of consolidating the occupation of land in the area by about 45,000 Dinka people, who have been there since the war, classified as IDPs. Snippet 1238
2013/09 South Sudanese in Uganda are fearful of attacks after the South Sudan interior minister bans Ugandans from working as boda boda (motorcycle taxi) drivers. Snippet
2013/08 The deputy speaker of Unity state resigns, apparently in order to maintain a balance of county representation among state office-bearers, since both he and the newly-appointed deputy governor of the state come from Pariang County. There are probably wider manoeuvres involved; it is a time of reshuffling of positions in the state. Snippet
2013 The town authorities of Aweil and state authorities of NBGS are welcoming and appreciative of Ethiopian and Eritrean investors who rent land and make concrete buildings. Snippet 1208
2013/08/23 Three armed robbers are caught by police in Juba, after robbing an Ethiopian hotel. They are two Ugandans and a Kenyan, but it appears they have been employed by South Sudanese. Snippet 1198
2013/08/08 At least seven people killed and hundreds of cattle stolen in Twic East County (Jonglei State), according to local officials and witnesses. The attackers were said to be Murle. Snippet
2013/07/30 President Kiir uses Martyrs Day speech to call for SPLA accountability over abuses against civilians in Jonglei State. He also asks Murle leaders to persuade Yauyau to accept amnesty. Snippet 1039
2013/05 to 2013/07 About 5,000 South Sudanese people from Jonglei became refugees in Gambella (Ethiopia) between May and July 2013, according to a UNHCR official interviewed by Sudan Tribune. Snippet 1015
2013/04 Vice President Riek Machar identifies tribal-based urban settlements as a problem. Snippet 821
2013/01/01 to 2013/03/31 In the first quarter of 2013 more than 4,000 new refugees from South Sudan were registered by UNHCR in Kakuma camp in northern Kenya. Snippet 820
2013/02 Yambio Youth County Association is formed and Yambio Youth Information Centre is opened. Senior county authorities evidently hope for less conflict among the youth. Snippet 723
2013/02 The Terekeka County Commissioner calls Mundari cattle-owners outside the county to return, noting the creation of conflict with neighbouring communities and ill effects on female education. But the Mundari cattle trade has a business association based in Yei River County. Snippet 660
2012 In 2012 Upper Nile State received more registered returnees (about 40,000) than any other state. Many are stranded in one of four transit sites in Renk. (OCHA, 2013, p.3) Snippet 655
2012/12 4,000 refugees from fighting in DRC came to Morobo County. (OCHA, 2013) Snippet 653
2012/10 Plans were made to relocate refugees to more sustainable settlements within Unity and Upper Nile states as from March 2013 (OCHA, 2013, p.2). Snippet 652
2011/12 to 2012 The number of refugees in South Sudan rose from less than 10,000 in December 2011 to about 200,000 by mid-2012, a level maintained to the end of the year. Most of the refugees (about 170,000) came to Unity and Upper Nile states as a result of fighting in Sudan's Blue Nile and South Kordofan (OCHA, 2013). Snippet 651
2012/12 4,000 people became displaced due to cattle-raiding violence in Unity State. Snippet 649
2012/12 About 6,600 people were dispaced by fighting between Sudan and South Sudan armies in Kiir Adem area. Snippet 648
2012/12 5,000 people were temporarily displaced and 500 homes destroyed in inter-communal fighting in WBGS. Snippet 647
2013/01 Government of Lakes State attempts to enforce 2008 Child Act prohibition on traditional mutilation. (Aping Kuluel, 2013) Snippet 624


Reference Mini-review
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This 1,500-word article addresses the perceived parallel between current calls for federalism, and the 'kokora' or sub-division of Southern Sudan which took place during under the ill-fated Regional Government between 1972 and 1983. An underlying issue is resentment - particularly by Equatorians - of apparent Dinka domination of central government. Kokora was seen as a way of mitigating that, but also causing disunity among Southern Sudanese. The author contends that federalism would be different from kokora, in not involving the eviction of peoples from provinces due to their ethnicity.

Marjoke Oosterom, 2014/05/30. Bibliography item: Marjoke Oosterom (2014/05/30) "‘It May Approach as Quickly as a Bushfire’: Gendered Violence and Insecurity in South Sudan". (Report). IDS (Institute of Development Studies), UK. [Report] IDS (Institute of Development Studies), UK. Accessed online.

Based on research among mainly Latuko people in Imuruk Payam, Torit County, this 66-page academic-style report looks at how women and men see the threat of violence and respond differently to it. People in the study area had an acute sense of the possibility of violence coming to their area, because of their general understanding of the character of the state in South Sudan. Among many responses and strategies mentioned, men prepare to fight defensively, women and girls are cautious about where they go.

Darren Bul, 2014/05/22. Bibliography item: Darren Bul (2014/05/22) "A Graduate of Jubocracy". (Article). PaanLuel Wël. [Article] PaanLuel Wël. Accessed online.

A nice little fable (probably true) about how young children get to see the government as intrinsically predatory.

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This 1,300-word article, based on informal research in UNMISS camps in Juba, looks at why Nuer people still refuse to leave the camps. Besides stronger assurance of physical security, they need ways of recovering the homes, possessions and jobs, many of which have been taken over by others. The article lists ten measures which GRSS must take in order to exercise its duty of care and protection.

Chaloka Beyani, 2014/05/14. Bibliography item: Chaloka Beyani (2014/05/14) "Report of the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, Chaloka Beyani: Mission to South Sudan (Advance Unedited Version)". (Report). UN Human Rights Council. [Report] UN Human Rights Council. Accessed online.

The report finds a lack of 'adequate capacities and institutional preparedness to prevent and respond to internal displacement' both among government and international aid agencies. It makes many recommendations.

ACAPS, 2014/05/03. Bibliography item: ACAPS (2014/05/03) "Disaster Needs Analysis - 3/05/2014 Update - South Sudan - Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei". (Report). Assessment Capacities Project. [Report] Assessment Capacities Project. Accessed online.

51-page report which gives a detailed and accessible - though approximate and perhaps gap-ridden - view of the impending disaster. It reports that recent conflict has resulted in 1.2 million refugees and intenally people displaced people, widespread disruption of agriculture, other sources of household income, trade routes, humanitarian access and facilities for basic health, water, sanitation and education.

CARE, 2014/05. Bibliography item: CARE (2014/05) "‘The girl has no rights’: Gender-based violence in South Sudan". (Report). CARE. [Report] CARE. Accessed online.

This short and attractively-presented report can work as an introduction to the problem of gender-based violence in South Sudan, and a reminder of how formidable it is. The 'base line survey' on which the report is pegged does not appear to yield reliably precise information, but it tends to confirm what was already suspected: that women rarely report violence against them, and, when they do, rarely receive much support.

Daidït Maa, 2014/03/06. Not Every Nuer has a Date with Riek Machar [Article] PaanLuel Wël. Accessed online.

Short article which combines reportage of a dramatic recent event (shootings around SPLA HQ barracks), useful factual background (the preponderance of Nuer soldiers even in units of the SPLA loyal to GRSS) and a well-made point.

PaanLuel Wël, 2014/03/06. What Happened on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 in Juba? [Article] PaanLuel Wël. Accessed online.

Clear and thoughtful account of what was known of the 5th March events the day afterwards.

Rachel Gordon, 2014/03. In the eye of the storm: An analysis of internal conflict in South Sudan’s Jonglei State [Report] Feinstein International Center, Tufts University. Accessed online.

Explores the complexity of conflict and underdevelopment in Jonglei, warning against simplistic analyses or proffered solutions. Notes that "elites have maintained or fallen back on the strategies they employed throughout the decades of war for solidifying their own social and financial positions in the face of constant threat" and concludes that "the causes of conflict must be disaggregated and chipped away without unrealistic hopes for quick solutions" but also that "the perpetrators and enablers of violence...must be consistently held accountable through both words and actions".


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