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Reference Mini-review
World Bank, 2011/03. A poverty profile for the southern states of Sudan [Report] The World Bank. Accessed online.

Uses the same basic survey data and analysis as SSCCSE, 2010 and SSCCSE, 2010a, but may be thought to give it a more internationally authoritative statement.

SSCCSE, 2010. Poverty in Southern Sudan: Estimates from NBHS 2009 [Report] Southern Sudan Centre for Census Statistics and Evaluation.

The text was published in a file larger than 50 MB, and is apparently no longer available elsewhere online. Related texts which may be consulted instead are SSCCSE, 2010 and World Bank, 2011.

Indicator values are shown in the table below alongside the year for which they were assessed. For further information, click on the source and 'details' text. Put the cursor over the indicator values to see selected comparisons.

Year Indicator Value Details
Poverty gap (people's mean distance below the national poverty line, %)
Stat 794
Poverty incidence (% of people below national poverty line)
Stat 793
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