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2012/07 to 2014/05/12 Six NBGS state MPs are expelled from the SPLM and hence lose their positions as MPs in July 2011. One of them blames it on the fact that they tried to impeach the state finance minister in 2011. In February 2013, President Kiir directs NBGS governor Paul Malong to reinstate the MPs, but he does not do so. After the transfer of Paul Malong to another post, Kiir again orders two of the MPs to be reinstated, which is done. (One of these MPs had apparently apologized, and the constituents of the other had apologized on his behalf. The other MPs say they do not know why they should apologize.) Snippet: Six NBGS state MPs are expelled from the SPLM and hence lose their pos....
2014/04/17 The recent fall of Bentiu is blamed by a top military officer contacted by Sudan Tribune on lack of ammunition, and the failure of people 'close to the president' to arrange timely funding for an air flight of new supplies. Snippet
2014/04/16 President Kiir launches a South Sudan Food Security Council (FSC), comprising 15 members of existing government institutions. (He had ordered the FSC's creation back in May 2012). In view of fears of under-production in the coming rainy season (due to the rebellion crisis), he suggests ways of increasing production: banning games of cards and dominoes; suspending local courts; suspending other activities on Saturdays so that people may cultivate. He also announces his donation to the agriculture ministry of 1,000 tractors for distribution in all of the states. Snippet 1818
2014/04/01 President Kiir reportedly donates an ambulance to Kajo-Keji Civil Hospital. [The news item does not clarify whether this is a personal or official presidential gift.] Snippet
2013/09/30 The parliament of Lakes State re-opens after six months of recess. Under the constitution, recess should not be longer than three months. The delay was partly due to struggle over the position of speaker. On a recent visit to Lakes, President Kiir directed that the existing speaker should remain in office. The parliament was originally shut by acting governor Matur Chuol Dhuol. In re-opening it he said that security had improved but did not present evidence. Snippet
2013/08/24 President Kiir threatens to dissolve parliament if it does not endorse the appointment of James Wani Igga as Vice-President. Snippet
2013/08/23 James Wani Igga is appointed the new Vice-President of South Sudan. Snippet
2013/08/08 A report in the name of the 'National Advocacy Group' (membership unknown) published in, alleges large-scale corruption under the former commerce minister, Garang Diing Akuang. It details the modality, which involves getting a permit from the ministry to buy USD at the official government rate in order to import something, but selling the dollars at a black-market price. A branch of the Qatar National Bank is accused of collusion. The NAG says it provided the report privately to the President and Anti-Corruption Commission in late 2012, but saw no action. Snippet 1129
2013/04/12 to 2013/05/07 President Kiir warns he will not tolerate government members publicly denouncing other members or the government in general as dirty while presenting themselves as clean. He appears to acknowledge that corruption and arbitrary arrest are common, but insist that government members publicly share a common level of responsibility. This follows the 12 April dismissal of Professor Elias Nyamlell Wakoson from the post of deputy foreign minister, after he had said the government was rotten to the core. Snippet 1071
2013/08 Military exercises are held near Salva Kiir's weekend residence at Luri. Reportedly these are for a military unit which Kiir has ordered to be stationed in the area against the wishes of army Chief of Staff, James Hoth. Snippet 1062
2013/07/23 President Kiir's sacking of Vice-President Riek Machar is welcomed by the Governor of Jonglei, Kuol Manyang, on the grounds that Machar's lack of loyalty to Kiir was untenable. Manyang says Machar had said he had lost confidence in Kiir and had told Kiir that he planned to contest his position in the 2015 election. Manyang says that Machar is now 'free to form his own political party'. Snippet 1023
2013/07/23 President Salva Kiir issues a decree sacking VP Riek Machar and dissolving the cabinet. He also orders a corruption investigation of SPLM Secretary-General Pagan Amum. These actions are widely seen as part of a power struggle at the top of government and the SPLM. Snippet 1021
2013/07/19 The Civil Society Resource Team (CSRT) on the constitutional review process completes a set of citizens' dialogues in all the states of South Sudan, and issues a summary of the views expressed. Snippet 994
Reference Mini-review
Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, 2014/07/08. Bibliography item: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut (2014/07/08) "Fighting Egos and Paranoia in South Sudan". (Article). South Sudan News Agency. [Article] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

Short article which raises in a non-abusive way the issue of how political leaders - and the people in their countries - can become victims of natural psychological processes.

Salva Kiir Mayardit, 2014/02/15. Kiir’s ‘one people, one nation’ speech [other] Radio Tamazuj. Accessed online.

In the aftermath of the December 2013 rebellion, Kiir calls for forgiveness and reconciliation among people of different ethnic groups. He speaks of the benefit of strength which comes when military and political leadership are combined. Denies that he ordered disarmament of Nuer on 15th December. Laments AU decision to regard Riek Machar's rebels as an actor with some legitimacy. Admits that a 'reserve army' had been recruited from Dinka areas of greater Bahr El Ghazal, but denies that this was a private army. Suggests that he is personally less corrupt than many others in South Sudan.

James Okuk, 2013/09/27. Decreasing the decrees on undersecretaries in South Sudan [Article] Accessed online.

Argues that the under-secretaries in ministries should mostly be appointed by ministerial orders rather than presidential decrees (which seems to be the case at present on the grounds that they are constitutional post holders). This would increase the professionalism of the civil service.

Jacob J. Akol, 2013/09/26. Why Kiir’s spate of decrees Is both reassuring and scary! [Article] Gurtong. Accessed online.

Suggests that excessive presidential powers were smuggled into South Sudan's Interim Constitution in the process of review and revision just before Independence.

Ricardo Blaug, 2010. Bibliography item: Ricardo Blaug (2010) "How Power Corrupts: Cognition and Democracy in Organisations". (Book). Palgrave Schol. [Book] Palgrave Schol. Accessed online.

Important text for understanding the need for political and institutional checks, balances and limits on the presidency (and other powerful political positions).

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