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2014/05/22 Many prisoners are being released corruptly, according to a judge (he says 400 out of 600 in Aweil prison). He cites this as a reason to enforce the death penalty. Snippet: Many prisoners are being released corruptly, according to a judge (he ....
2014/05 A women‘s coalition inspects EES state prison in Torit and finds alarming sanitary and welfare conditions, which a prison officer attributes to inadequate state funding. Snippet: A women‘s coalition inspects EES state prison in....
2014/04/12 Interior minister Aleu Ayieny speaks for changing the current system of imprisonment in Africa, saying it is based on inappropriate colonial models. These remarks are made in the context of a Ministerial Consultative Forum under the African Correctional Services Association in South Africa. Snippet
2014/03/14 The SPLA spokesman reveals that 120 suspected SPLA criminals (detained after mid-December killings) escaped from detention during fighting at HQ barracks on 5th March. Snippet
2014/02 A school has been set up for young inmates in Yambio central prison, with the help of UNMISS. Snippet
2014/02/25 Notorious military prisons in Lakes State - Langcok and Ngatina/Ajakangau are closed down on orders of President Kiir, having been set up by the acting Lakes governor, Matur Dhuol, 13 months previously. Snippet
2013/10 Wau prison was built for 240 inmates but is housing three times that number. There is no separate juvenile section. Snippet
2013/10 A Justice Ministry Legal Committee completes a tour - supported by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) - focusing on detention in four states. They find specially poor conditions in Wau Central Prison (see separate snippet) and a need for more judges in all courts. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
HRW, 2012/06/22. "Prison is not for me". Arbitrary detention in South Sudan [Report] Human Rights Watch. Accessed online.

A useful account, not only of prisons, but also related aspects of the police and court system.

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