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2013/10 Authorities in Malakal say schools in the town are overcrowded because of stranded returnees. Snippet 1361
2013/10 About 30,000 returnees are stranded in Renk (Upper Nile State) according to the IOM, 11,000 of them in transit sites. The problem seems partly because most returnees cannot travel to Juba without IOM screening and support. Snippet
2012 In 2012 Upper Nile State received more registered returnees (about 40,000) than any other state. Many are stranded in one of four transit sites in Renk. (OCHA, 2013, p.3) Snippet 655
Reference Mini-review
OCHA, 2011. Cumulative No. of Returnees, by Type, Arriving at Final Destination 30 Oct. 2010 - 25 Oct. 2011 [Report] UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance. Accessed online.
IOM, 2010. Total returns to Southern Sudan and Southern Kordofan post CPA to December 2009 [Report] International Organization for Migration. Accessed online.
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