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Rumbek Centre County

Date Snippet Page
2014/04/08 A peace conference between Rup and Kuei (Dinka) sections in Rumbek Central is set back after two MPs start fighting. Snippet
2014/04 Only 25 out of 105 pharmacies in Rumbek Central County are found to meet qualifying standards, when checked by the state health ministry. Snippet 1756
2014/03/31 8 people are reported killed and 14 wounded in an inter-communal attack in Rumbek County (Lakes State). Members of Nyan, Amotnhiim and Panguerkur clans are reported to have attacked members of Dhiei clan during a traditional ceremony. Snippet
2014/03/24 More than 60 cows are raided from Rumbek's central market: the first time a raid has happened there since 2005. Snippet
2014/03/17 Soldiers are banned from moving around with firearms in Rumbek Town, by order of the Rumbek Central County commissioner. Snippet
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