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Rumbek East County

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2014/04/11 to 2014/04/12 About 40 people are killed in inter-communal clashes in Rumbek East County (Lakes State): between Durbaar and Durceek clans and between Panyar and Nyuei clans. Snippet
2014/03 Fifteen more people are killed in further feuding between sub-sections of Kook Pacuar (Agar Dinka) in Rumbek East County. The state government is blamed by some for failing to investigate and prosecute the previous crimes, or send security forces to keep the peace. Snippet
2013/08/02 The caretaker governor of Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol, urges all civilians to surrender their weapons, and orders the army to shoot any armed civilian. (?in Rumbek East County?) Snippet
2013/08/02 Following the killing of two teachers, apparently in feuding involving the Pamany sub-section, the caretaker governor of Lakes State, Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol orders the closure of all primary schools in Rumbek East County, and threatens chiefs with dismissal if they don't identify the likely culprits. Snippet
2013/07 There is a new round of at least three killings in the feud between Pathoth and Pamany sub-sections of Kok Dinka in Rumbek East. Snippet
2013/02 The acting governor of Lakes State orders imprisonment of 50 members of Pamany and Pathoth, feuding sub-sections of Kok Dinka. They are held without charge. Snippet 1041
2012/08 TOTAL supports women’s co-op in Rumbek East, (CRN 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 569
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