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Ruweng/Pariang County

Date Snippet Page
2014/04/07 The Sudan air force reportedly bombs unknown targets in Pariang County. Snippet
2014/03 SPLM members in Pariang County (Unity State) ask for high level party intervention to resolve their complaints against the SPLM county chairman (who is also the deputy governor of the state). Snippet
2013/08 The deputy speaker of Unity state resigns, apparently in order to maintain a balance of county representation among state office-bearers, since both he and the newly-appointed deputy governor of the state come from Pariang County. There are probably wider manoeuvres involved; it is a time of reshuffling of positions in the state. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
Ayuel Dau Deng and others, 2011/03/22. Ruweng County Citizens Petition President Kiir against Internal Occupation of Ruweng Territory [Operating document] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

Petition which throws some light on the politics of ethnic geography affecting Ruweng/Pariang County in Unity State.

EJAtlas, 2011-2014. Citadel Capital/Concord Irrigated Crops in Unity State, South Sudan [Web page] Environmental Justice Atlas. Accessed online.

A web-page case-file on a 25-year lease of 105,000 hectares in Unity State by an Egyptian-owned agriculture company.

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