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2014/04 South Sudan is in the process of buying into the proposed Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) network project for East Africa (along with Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda), according to the project's Joint Technical Committee. This will entail a railway line between Kampala and Juba. Snippet
2014/03/05 Five East African countries have agreed to take part in a protection and stabilization force in South Sudan, by arrangement with IGAD, the AU and the UN. The countries are: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti and Burundi. Snippet 1542
2013/10/29 President Kiir attends the 3rd Infrastructure and Africa Transform Projects Summit in Kigale, along with the presidents of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. They agree to form a Single Custom Territory without non-tariff barriers, and discuss other matters of infrastructure integration and movement of people across their common borders. Snippet 1373
2013/10 Direct flights between Juba and Kigale are started by RwandAir. Snippet 1352
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