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Simon Kun Puoc

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2014/02 President Kiir countermands the creation of a state ministry of petroleum and mining by Upper Nile governor Simon Kun Puoch, on grounds that it was unconstitutional. Snippet
2013/10/02 The governor of Upper Nile State, Simon Kun Puoch, meets President Kiir, and reportedly gets a go-ahead to 'direct' the state assembly. This comes after the assembly impeached its deputy speaker against the will of the governor, and the governor suspended it. Snippet
2013/08 Two county commissioners in Upper Nile State - for Baliet and Maban Counties - were sacked by the state governor on suspicion of misusing community funds. Snippet 1146
2013/07/22 The Governor of Upper Nile, Simon Kun Puoch, removes Peter Chol as Commissioner of Ulang County. Snippet 1034
2013/06 Upper Nile State Governor, Simon Kun Puoch, tries to put all tax collection in the hands of the state rather than the national government authorities Snippet 1009
2013/02/13 President Kiir removes over 100 generals from active service, including Taban Deng Gai (Governor of Unity State), Simon Kun Puoch (Governor of Upper Nile State), Louis Lobong Lojore (Governor of EES) and Rizik Zacchariah Hassan (Governor of Western Bahr el Ghazal State). Snippet 673
2013/01 The Governor of Upper Nile State, Simon Kun Puoc, orders the Secretary-General of the SPLM in Upper Nile, John Kor Dieu, to leave the state, on grounds of corruption and collaborating with SPLM-DC. (Sudan Tribune, 4 February 2013) Snippet 612
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