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South Africa

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2014/07/01 to 2014/07/04 Riek Machar and a delegation from SPLM-IO visit South Africa, where Riek has a meeting with President Zuma. Snippet: Riek Machar and a delegation from SPLM-IO visit South Africa, where Ri....
2014/04/23 to 2014/04/26 A meeting is held between members of the SPLM Political Bureau, including four loyalists of Salva Kiir and four from the 'SPLM 7' former detainees. They are faciliated by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa. Riek Machar and members of his negotiating team are invited to participate but decline saying that the problems 'have become a national issue'. Nevertheless the participants claim success in setting objectives, agenda and rules of engagement for a formal meeting of the Political Bureau. Snippet 1855
2014/03/06 South Africa's special envoy to South Sudan, Cyril Ramaphosa, a senior figure, is taking part in mediation efforts for South Sudan. Snippet
2013/10/08 A delegation from South Africa's ruling National Congress Party visits Juba for consultations with the SPLM. The GOSS website is used to report this. (Note: the report on the GOSS website was - apparently wrongly - dated 8th September rather than 8th October.) Snippet
2012 Khaedu Project – trains 25 mid-level civil servants over a 5-year period. Run by the Public Administration, Leadership and Management Academy (PALAMA) of RSA. (GOSS website, 1 Oct 2012) Snippet 563
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