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SSDM-Cobra Faction (David Yauyau group)

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2014/05 Representatives of Anyuak and Jie communities say they do not want to be part of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, which was negotiated by GRSS with the SSDM/A Cobra faction (David Yau Yau militia). Snippet: Representatives of Anyuak and Jie communities say they do not want to ....
2014/05/20 David Yau Yau, leader of the former SSDM/A Cobra faction rebels, returns to Juba saying that this marks the end of his faction's conflict with the government and that Greater Pibor Administrative Area is already in effect. Snippet: David Yau Yau, leader of the former SSDM/A Cobra faction rebels, retur....
2014/05/09 A peace agreement is signed between David Yauyau`s SSLM/A-C group and GRSS in Addis Ababa. It was mediated by church leaders under Bishop Paride Taban. It is unclear whether the terms vary from those initialled on 28th March, which involve the creation and funding of a Greater Pibor Administrative Area. Snippet: A peace agreement is signed between David Yauyau`s SSLM/A-C group and ....
2014/04/29 Eastern Equatoria State warns Jonglei State to stay out of Kasengor Payam, which it says is part of Kapoeta East County, not Pibor County. It comes after a letter emerges written by Defence Minister Kuol Manyang (formerly governor of Jonglei) directing the release of two vehicles to the "Jie community in Kasengor payam [district] of Pibor county". An MP of Pibor South calls the EES claim a lie. The emergence of the issue seems to be related to demands made by David Yau Yau's rebel group in peace negotiations with GRSS. Snippet: Eastern Equatoria State warns Jonglei State to sta....
2014/03/28 A peace agreement is initialled by negotiators of GRSS and SSDM-Cobra (David Yauyau militia). The agreement is to create a Greater Pibor Administrative Area, similar to a new state. It also involves a special development fund, increased representation of Murle people in the National Legislative Assembly, and positions for Murle in the national government. The agreement was facilitated by a South Sudanese Church Leaders Mediation Initiative (CLMI). Snippet 1715
2014/01 GRSS signs a cessation of hostilities agreement with David Yau Yau group (Cobra Faction of the South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army). The talks have been facilitated by church leaders. Snippet
2013/10/20 to 2013/10/24 There is a major raid on civilians in Twic East County on 20th October, apparently by forces liked to David Yau Yau. 79 people are killed including women and children. President Kiir strongly condemns it but urges the aggrieved communities to 'exercise restraint and remain calm while the law takes its course'. Snippet 1357
2013/04/10 David Yauyau and his associated spokesman Peter Konyi Kubrin both deny their group was involved in the 9 Apr attack on the UN convoy. Yauyau said he is ready to talk peace and disarmament if his people [implying Murle] do not become vulnerable by it. Snippet 842
2013/04/09 UN convoy is attacked in Jonglei, killing 12 including five Indian peacekeepers and five employees of a company drilling wells for the UN, four of whom were Kenyans. SPLM attributes attack to Yauyau, but UN has not [yet] conclusively identified the attackers. Snippet 834
2013/02/08 More than 100 Lou Nuer people are killed while doing their seasonal migration to the Sobat river in a guarded convoy. The large force of attackers is thought to be associated with David Yauyau. Snippet 641
2013/01/27 James Kuburin, a fighter associated with David Yau Yau, appears in the process of surrender, but shooting breaks out when his men enter Pibor market with their arms. Many flee and he disappears. (Sudan Tribune, 31 January 2013). Snippet 618
2012/08 Aug 2012: Yauyau forces reportedly kill at least 24 SPLA in ambush in Pibor area (BBC 27 Aug) Snippet 580
2012/04 In April 2012 David Yauyau defects again from SPLM/A to Khartoum (Gurtong 10 Apr 2012) Snippet 579
Reference Mini-review
Jonah Leff and Emile LeBrun, 2014/05. Bibliography item: Jonah Leff (2014/05) "Following the Thread: Arms and Ammunition Tracing in Sudan and South Sudan". (Report). Small Arms Survey. [Report] Small Arms Survey. Accessed online.

Recaps Small Arms Survey's programme of tracing arms flows in Sudan and South Sudan over the last ten years.

Among flows that the project has demonstrated are:

  • arms supplies to David Yau Yau's group and other rebel militia in South Sudan sent from the Sudan Government up to January 2013 (many of these arms came from China, but much of the ammunition is manufactured in Sudan.)
  • GRSS arming of youth against rebel militias in Jonglei in 2010 and 2011
  • arming of local youth in Jonglei by rebel militia.
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