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SSLA (South Sudan Liberation Army)

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2013/09/27 The SSLM/A forces of Gordon Koang and Ayuok Ogot accept amnesty, having made peace with GOSS in April. The SSLM/A leader Bapiny Montuil is said to be trying to persuade David Yauyau to accept amnesty. Snippet
2013/04 to 2013/08 Peace was declared by some rebel groups - SSLA (South Sudan Liberation Army), SSDA (South Sudan Democratic Army) and SSDF (South Sudan Defense Forces) - in April 2013. President Kiir issued an amnesty. 5,000 SSLA soldiers then moved to Mayom County in UNS. In August, talks began on their reintegration, mostly into the SPLA and the SSPS. GOSS's peace and integration committee for this is headed by Thomas Cirilo. Snippet
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