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SSNPS (South Sudan National Police Service)

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2014/07/04 Equatorians in the army and police are being disarmed, says the governor of CES. Snippet: Equatorians in the army and police are being disarmed, says the govern....
2014/06/03 An emergency call centre - dial 777 - is to start operation on 9th July, announce the police and interior ministry. Snippet: An emergency call centre - dial 777 - is to start operation on 9th Jul....
2014/05/26 to 2014/05/28 A peace conference is held for Lakes state traditional leaders and county commissioners trying to stem inter-communal violence. But some chiefs boycott it and it breaks up early. Police complain that the public is trying to isolate the government by not co-operating in criminal investigations. It appears that participants agreed on an idea put forward by the acting Lakes governor, of internal borders supervised by tribal courts. But some observers consider this impractical and likely to engender more conflict. Snippet: A peace conference is held for Lakes state traditional leaders and cou....
2014/05/23 156 people are reported dead in clashes between youth from Rumbek North and Cueibet Counties, Lakes State, according to police. The dead are mainly from Waat and Panyar sections. Many died in an ambush when returning home with raided cattle. Communities do not co-operate much with police investigations. A peace conference had started by 27 May. Snippet: 156 people are reported dead in clashes between youth from Rumbek Nort....
2014/05 Yei police arrest three men dressed in women’s clothing, which the Yei Police Chief Commissioner says is a crime. The men are later tried in the customary court and released for lack of clear evidence against them. The court warns girls against dressing in tight clothing which may incite crime. Snippet: Yei police arrest three men dressed in women’s clothing, which the Y....
2014/04 A top police officer of Wau is shot dead in Tombura after allegedly defecting to Riek Machar's rebel movement and attempting to smuggle arms. Snippet
2013 At least five chiefs are dismissed during 2013 by the acting governor of Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol. The main reason is failure to arrest suspects in inter-communal killings. But the chiefs say this is the job of police. Snippet
2014/04/02 A newspaper distributor in Juba is beaten by police with a stick and hospitalized for several days, apparently due to infringing new restrictions on motorcycles. Snippet
2014/03 WBGS Chamber of Commerce says vehicles moving from Juba to Wau must pay SSP 4,000 at road checkpoints. The police spokesperson says such 'taxation' is illegal. Snippet
2014/03/23 to 2014/04/19 Police, army and wildlife forces conduct searches for illegal arms in Juba - house-to-house and at checkpoints - and find 6,000 within a month, including RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) and other assault weapons. Snippet 1696
2014/03 Fifteen more people are killed in further feuding between sub-sections of Kook Pacuar (Agar Dinka) in Rumbek East County. The state government is blamed by some for failing to investigate and prosecute the previous crimes, or send security forces to keep the peace. Snippet
2014/03/17 The UN Security Council expresses grave concern about the security situation in Abyei, and demands that South Sudan and Sudan withdraw their security forces as they agreed in June 2011. Snippet
2014/03/01 A raid on a cattle camp in Twic County (Warrap State) by attackers from Unity State leaves nine people dead and eight wounded. Now that many SPLA troops have gone to fight rebels, Warrap governor Nyandeng urges the police to be more forceful in using their guns to protect civilians. Snippet
2014/03/03 Police say crime has decreased in Juba due to intensified patrols, and with support from UN police. Last week seven police were tried for misconduct, and three dismissed. Snippet
2014/03/03 Police Inspector-General Pieng Deng Kuol is reportedly deploying new senior officers as part of implementing the National Security Plan. Snippet
2012/02 The WBGS Traffic Police Director announces a clamp-down on unlicensed vehicles in a bid to reduce accidents. They will also enforce the regulation that only certain official cars may use tinted windows. Snippet
2014/02/19 GOSS still has not produced a list of the dead from fighting in Juba 15-19 December 2013. At the same time, it hampers research by HRW. Snippet
2014/02/17 70% of the SPLA will potentially defect to Riek Machar, according to SPLM chief whip, Tulio Odongi in the NLA. Interior minister Aleu Ayieny says his ministry is 'terribly affected' as police officers defect to the rebels. SLA votes a supplementary budget of more than $300 million dollars to deal with the security threats, much of which may be paid for the services of Ugandan military. Snippet
2013/10/15 The office of Zain in Bor town is robbed at night of cash and goods valued at SSP 144,000. The safe was opened with shots but police assigned to guard the market area said they heard none. Those police have been arrested on suspicion of complicity. Snippet
2013/10 Ugandan police deploy an officer in the embassy at Juba, to help identify Ugandan criminals in Juba. South Sudan police inspector, Peing Deng, vows to protect law-abiding Ugandans. Snippet
2013/08 The new national minister of the interior says that recent screening of police payrolls has identified 11,000 ghost names, accounting for USD 9 million a month in the salary bill. Snippet
2013/05 to 2013/09 Killings and injuries by rogue members of security agencies in Wau, May - September. In May, one person was killed and two injured by a soldier attacking doctors in Wau Teaching Hospital. In July, one person was shot dead after a drunken policeman got into a quarrel. In late September 16 people are seriously injured - and some are critical in hospital - after a soldier detonates a grenade in a quarrel with a woman selling local drinks. Snippet 1221
2013/09/26 Immigration officers of the South Sudan Police Service receive training from The European Union Aviation Security Mission in South Sudan (EUAVSEC)/UNMISS. Snippet
2013/08/24 to 2013/08/25 Two policemen are murdered by assailants who stormed their residence in Nyakuron West, Juba. This prompts hundreds of residents to mount a protest against the deteriorating security situation in Juba. Snippet
2013/08/23 Three armed robbers are caught by police in Juba, after robbing an Ethiopian hotel. They are two Ugandans and a Kenyan, but it appears they have been employed by South Sudanese. Snippet 1198
2013/08 A murderer of a trader working in Iloli area, Eastern Equatoria, is apprehended not by state police but Iloli community authorities. He is then allowed to escape, also by local people. Snippet 1194
2012/08 President Kiir on recommendation of NLA has recently ordered a review of salaries in the national security organs. Snippet
2013/08 UNMISS/UNPOL announce their support for an extraordinary Police Leadership Council meeting in Wau for three days, to map the way forward for the National Police Service, following up the last PLC meeting in Rejaf in April. Snippet 1144
2013/04 to 2013/08 Peace was declared by some rebel groups - SSLA (South Sudan Liberation Army), SSDA (South Sudan Democratic Army) and SSDF (South Sudan Defense Forces) - in April 2013. President Kiir issued an amnesty. 5,000 SSLA soldiers then moved to Mayom County in UNS. In August, talks began on their reintegration, mostly into the SPLA and the SSPS. GOSS's peace and integration committee for this is headed by Thomas Cirilo. Snippet
2012/07 In July 2012, CEPO (Community Empowerment for Progress Organization) presents report of 50 killings in Juba over six months, many apparently by police (Miraya 18 July 2012) Snippet 547
Reference Mini-review
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A nice little fable (probably true) about how young children get to see the government as intrinsically predatory.

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Argues that while the Police Service is felt to be overly centralized in its command structure, it lacks an overall sense of mission and ethos. Its members are still applying rules and values from their diverse backgrounds. Police role in relation to other security services is not well demarcated. The National Legislative Assembly’s select committee on security and public order has not paid enough attention to these matters.

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A useful account, not only of prisons, but also related aspects of the police and court system.

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