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state assemblies

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2014/03/23 to 2014/03/24 The Minister of Physical Infrastructure in NBGS is summoned to the state assembly to explain many apparent irregularities in the allocation of land around Aweil. But he fails to show up. Snippet 1677
2013/10/29 The speaker of the Lakes state assembly is replaced, apparently largely through the agency of the SPLM chairman for the state, Daniel Awet Akot, changing a previous decision of SPLM members of the assembly. In the end, MPs are asked to choose among candidates from one particular county: Cueibet. Snippet
2013/10 36 members of the Lakes State assembly declare a 14-day strike (no participation in house business) in an attempt to remove the house speaker, who is accused of following too much the will of the caretaker governor (Matur Chut Dhuol) rather than the state constitution. Snippet
2013/10/02 The governor of Upper Nile State, Simon Kun Puoch, meets President Kiir, and reportedly gets a go-ahead to 'direct' the state assembly. This comes after the assembly impeached its deputy speaker against the will of the governor, and the governor suspended it. Snippet
2013/08 IRI is training the 48 state members of parliament of EES, focusing on the role of legislative committees. Snippet
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