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state ministries

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2014/07/04 Jonglei state has cancelled its agreement with OCHA, the UN's humanitarian coordination agency, over dispute about relative quantities of food distributed in government- and rebel-held areas, says the state's information minister. Snippet: Jonglei state has cancelled its agreement with OCHA, the UN's hum....
2014/04/22 The Secretary of the National Workers Union (NWU) says that: civil servants at state level should be paid similar wages to those at national levels; that state governments have been unhappy with the work of the NWU when it tries to follow up on employment rights; and that labour laws need to be reviewed. Snippet
2014/03/23 to 2014/03/24 The Minister of Physical Infrastructure in NBGS is summoned to the state assembly to explain many apparent irregularities in the allocation of land around Aweil. But he fails to show up. Snippet 1677
2014/03 The government of Upper Nile is temporarily relocated to Renk town, due to the rebellion which has made Malakal insecure. Snippet
2014/03/04 SPLM officials in Lakes State boycott the swearing-in of the new state cabinet because they had not been informed of the reshuffle or been given a special invitation to the ceremony, which they consider their right. Snippet 1544
2014/02/26 State legislature of WBGS passes vote of no confidence in state finance minister after she repeatedly fails to attend the legislature to answer questions. Snippet
2013/08/12 A new cabinet of ten ministers is sworn in for Upper Nile State by caretaker governor Joseph Nguen Monytuel. Snippet
2013/08/02 President Kiir meets state governors and asks them to follow his example by reducing the size of state administrations. Snippet 1057
2013/08/03 The caretaker governor of Unity State, Joseph Manytuil Wajang, dismisses all state cabinet ministers and state advisors. Other positions are also likely to be affected, and the number of ministries further reduced. (Unity State has already reduced the number of ministries from 16 to 10.) Snippet 1056
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