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Terekeka County

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2014/05 One borehole is available for 19,000 people in part of Terekeka County, meaning that many people take drinking-water from roadside pits. The county commissioner says government funds are lacking and appeals to aid agencies to solve the problem. Snippet: One borehole is available for 19,000 people in par....
2014/03 The results of Primary Certificate exams in CES show that 8,651 took the exams and 79 per cent passed. The pass rate was highest in Terekeka County (98 per cent) and Kajo-Keji County (91 per cent). Government schools performed slightly better than private schools: a fact the state education minister attributed to the fact that (government school) teachers did not go on strike. Snippet
2013/07 The CES government 'welcomes' the setting up of a sugar plantation and factory in Terekeka County, by Uttam Sucrotech International, an Indian company. Snippet
2012/08 Manepali Sugar Works Limited reportedly signs $350m agreement with CES for sugar works in 100,000 acres in Gemmeiza. (CRN 2012/08/18) Snippet
2013/02 The Terekeka County Commissioner calls Mundari cattle-owners outside the county to return, noting the creation of conflict with neighbouring communities and ill effects on female education. But the Mundari cattle trade has a business association based in Yei River County. Snippet 660
2012/06 Commissioner of Terekeka, Clement Maring, claims Mangalla payam for his county. But Bari youth say it belongs to Juba county. (CRN 19 June 2012) Snippet 581
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