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Tonj South County

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2014/07/14 Tonj civil hospital has run out of injectable drugs, while Tonj town is virtually cut off by rains on poor roads. The problem of drug supply seems to be more general, in Warrap state at least. Snippet: Tonj civil hospital has run out of injectable drugs, while Tonj town i....
2014/05 The road linking Kuacjok (the Warrap State capital) to Tonj South County, Lakes and NBGS is likely to become impassible during the rainy season unless there is special help from the national government, says the Tonj South Commissioner. The 'social taxes' of SSP 30 per household raised at local level are inadequate to maintain the road. Snippet: The road linking Kuacjok (the Warrap State capital....
2014/04 Most school students are late for the beginning of the school year, according to the Education Director of Tonj South County (Warrap State). This may be because they are following the pattern previously established in Sudan. Or it may be because they have not returned from seasonal fishing and cattle-herding in remote wetlands. Snippet
2014/03 An attempt to tackle the problem of teacher absences is made in Tonj South County, where head teachers are asked to submit monthly reports. Snippet
2014/02 to 2014/03 A peace dialogue is held in Tonj South between Apuk-Jurwiir and Thony communities, initiated by Warrap State government. A further dialogue is held in mid-March with support from UNMISS. Snippet 1377
2013/02 Himango - a small local NGO - opens a vocational training centre for youth in Tonj South County. Snippet 722
2013/02 Members of Apuk community of Tonj East attacked Thony community of Tonj South, killing 7 and looting 400 cattle. (SCRN, 15 February 2013) Snippet 669
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