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transparency and accountability

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2014/05/22 GRSS has set up a taskforce to help draft a media bill. It includes representatives of various kinds of civil society group. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Mark Nyipuoc, says that the aim is to 'reform and reposition the media' to serve democracy and development through transparency and people-driven access to information. Snippet: GRSS has set up a taskforce to help draft a media bill. It includes re....
2013/09 Civil society groups hold a workshop on transparency and accountability in the management of public natural resources. They have a working group on accountability and transparency. Norwegian People's Aid is apparently involved in the workshop. The workshop appears to be a follow-up of the one of September 2012, looking at the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) worldwide coalition of coalitions. Snippet 1222
Reference Mini-review
Nicola Loise de Jager, 2009/07. Bibliography item: Nicola Loise de Jager (2009/07) "Voice and accountability in one party dominant systems: A comparative case study of Mexico and South Africa". (Thesis). University of Pretoria. [Thesis] University of Pretoria. Accessed online.

Argues that dominant parties ruling in a state tend to be caught up in a dynamic of centralization. They can adopt strategies such as patronage, cadre deployment, the establishment of economic and ideological monopolies, which lead to increased authoritarianism. Opposition parties and civil society can partly resist this dynamic by representing citzen interests, mobilizing the public in political participation, maintaining pressure on the government for public accountability.

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