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2014/07/14 Tonj civil hospital has run out of injectable drugs, while Tonj town is virtually cut off by rains on poor roads. The problem of drug supply seems to be more general, in Warrap state at least. Snippet: Tonj civil hospital has run out of injectable drugs, while Tonj town i....
2014/07/07 President Kiir launches renewed upgrade work on Juba airport, accusing former ministers of embezzling funds previously allocated for the purpose. The current work is to be carried out by the Chinese Harbour Engineering Company. Snippet: President Kiir launches renewed upgrade work on Juba airport, accusing....
2014/05/31 Work is going ahead in WES on USAID’s Feeder and Trunk Roads Program, implemented by Tetra Tech. Snippet: Work is going ahead in WES on USAID’s Feeder and Trunk Roads Program....
2014/03 to 2014/05 Refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) camps receive only 37 days worth of rations within a 90 day period. At least 2,000 of the 126,000 are forced to return to Sudan because of food shortages. The World Food Programme has the role of delivering the food. With the road from Gambella (Ethiopia) almost unusable in the rainy season, it has organized some airlifts and airdrops, but is also pursuing the cheaper alternative of barge transportation. Snippet: Refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) camps receive only 37 days worth....
2014/05/12 The measured malnutrition rate in Doro refugee camp (Maban County) has passed the 'emergency' threshhold. The effect of rain on the roads means that air transportation of supplies will probably be needed. Snippet: The measured malnutrition rate in Doro refugee camp (Maban County) has....
2014/05/07 Food rations in refugee camps in Maban County (Upper Nile) are inadequate. UNHCR and WFP blames the fighting between GRSS and rebels for insecurity which hinders the transportation of supplies. Snippet: Food rations in refugee camps in Maban County (Upp....
2014/05 The road linking Kuacjok (the Warrap State capital) to Tonj South County, Lakes and NBGS is likely to become impassible during the rainy season unless there is special help from the national government, says the Tonj South Commissioner. The 'social taxes' of SSP 30 per household raised at local level are inadequate to maintain the road. Snippet: The road linking Kuacjok (the Warrap State capital....
2014/04/17 President Kiir orders the Ministers of Interior, Defense and National Security to remove illegal checkpoints on major roads, especially in order to facilitate humanitarian aid. Snippet
2014/04/02 A newspaper distributor in Juba is beaten by police with a stick and hospitalized for several days, apparently due to infringing new restrictions on motorcycles. Snippet
2014/04 Citizen TV, South Sudan's independent news television station, goes off air, citing the dangers for staff who have to go home after 10pm, and have experienced security force harassments and other threats. Snippet 1751
2014/04/01 A ban is imposed on motorcycles in Juba's main road. This is the road which links the presidential palace, the National Legislative Assembly, and other important public buildings. The ban is supposed to facilitate the movements of high government officials. Snippet 1750
2014/03 South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority receives a donation from Turkey of equipment to help planes land safely at Juba airport. The equipment being used for the last few years has been 'faulty', according to the Director of Civil Aviation. Snippet
2014/03 A private company - Yei Water, Sanitation and Public Utility Company - is expecting to expand the underground piped water system in Yei town. (But the process suffers from delays in government demarcation of roads.) Snippet 1704
2014/03 Unpaid road workers employed by Africa Kongdai in NBGS are on strike over unpaid salaries. Some say they have not been paid for seven months. Snippet
2014/03/13 Transportation of aid supplies is suffering from “increased levels of harassment and irregular fees and taxes" according to OCHA. This seems to be linked to a general increase in tensions between the UN and GRSS in the context of the rebellion crisis. Snippet 1625
2014/03/14 About 700 workers in Malualbaai (Aweil East, NBGS) have not been paid their food-for-work, they say. They blame the payam administrator, who blames the RRC, WFP and the partner NGO for not delivering the food. Snippet
2014/03 Roads and telecommunications with a major hospital in Lakes (Mapourdit) remain very poor despite government promises. People resort to climbing trees in order to communicate. Snippet
2014/03/04 The agriculture sector needs (1) more government spending (largely on roads), (2) more mechanization (funded by development agencies), (3) more farmer co-operatives, according to the chairperson of the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC), a non-profit company supported by business and international donors. Snippet
2014/03/04 The Interior Ministry and SSPS say they will investigate claims of wrongful taxation of relief goods on the Juba-Bor and Juba-Bentiu roads. Snippet
2012/02 Key infrastructure projects have been put on hold due largely to insecurity associated with the 2013/14 rebellion, according to the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges. Projects affected are the Juba-Bor-Malakal-Renk road, the Juba-Yei-Kaya road and the much-needed second Juba bridge. MOUs have been signed with Chinese companies. Another factor is lack of clarity in investment policy and bank guarantees. Snippet
2014/02/28 Trucks bearing relief aid from Juba are having to pay heavy 'taxes' at roadblocks - USD 1 to 3 thousand to Bor; 3 to 6 thousand to Bentiu - according to civil society organization CEPO. Snippet 1493
2012/02 The WBGS Traffic Police Director announces a clamp-down on unlicensed vehicles in a bid to reduce accidents. They will also enforce the regulation that only certain official cars may use tinted windows. Snippet
2014/02 CES governor Clement Wani Konga visits China and reaches understandings with the China Communications and Construction Company on various infrastructure and commercial projects, largely to be paid for (and presumably owned) by the Chinese. But few details are as yet provided by the governor. Snippet 1464
2013/10 Direct flights between Juba and Kigale are started by RwandAir. Snippet 1352
2012/03/02 LAPSSET (the Lamu Port, South Sudan and Ethiopia Transport) corridor project - a Kenya-led regional transportation project - is inaugurated by the leaders of Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia. The project is planned to create: a heavy transportation road from Kenya to Nadapal (Eastern Equatoria State), a railway line connecting Kenya to Nakodok (Eastern Equatoria State) and an oil pipeline connecting South Sudan to Lamu Port in Kenya. Snippet 1320
2013/10 Delays in opening South Sudan's first two oil refineries - at Tharjiaf (Unity State) and Thiang Rial (Upper Nile State) - are blamed on non-arrival of equipment, due partly to poor road access. Snippet
2013/10/03 The Eastern Equatoria State government announces more security posts on the Torit - Kapoeta highway, and advises vehicles to move in security convoys. This follows chronic incidence of robbery on the road, and an incident in late September in which two passengers were killed. Snippet
2013/09/29 The UNMISS co-ordinator for Eastern Equatoria State announces that UNMISS (Japanese engineer contingent) will implement repairs of bridges and drainage points on the Juba-Torit road, because of their very poor condition at present. The government of EES had previously appealed to donors to help with roads in the state, with little response. The national ministry of roads had agreed a USD 360 million project with the World Bank for the Nisit- Nadapal highway, of which USD has been disbursed. Last Oct, GOSS was also in discussion with Kenya for a USD 1 billion road upgrade from Eldoret to Juba. Snippet
2013/09/26 Immigration officers of the South Sudan Police Service receive training from The European Union Aviation Security Mission in South Sudan (EUAVSEC)/UNMISS. Snippet
2013/07 to 2013/08 Prices of transported goods rise sharply in Bentiu in a few weeks. The price of a sack of sorghum increases from SSP 200 to SSP 300. The timing of the increase is associated with heavy rain making roads almost impassable. Some blame trader exploitation. Traders blame taxation. The state director of taxation says goods are taxed at five percent, a lower rate than in other states. Snippet
2013/01/29 to 2013/01/30 A project conference for upgrading the Eldoret-Juba road is held in Nairobi on 29-30 January. The estimated cost is $1.3bn, and donors/financiers seemed less than enthusiastic. 'The European Union and European Investment Bank questioned the economic viability of the scheme, saying that if the costs were slashed they might reconsider. “We are not in a position to make any firm commitment at this stage. The benefits of this project are not well explained,” said Laurent Kibumbi, the Head of EU Infrastructure in Kenya.' (Mapuor Malual Manguen/The Niles, 7 February 2013). - Compare Snippet 629. Snippet 982
2013/01 According to Roads Minister Gier Chuang Aluong, South Sudan plans to build almost 5,000 kilometers of roads over 10 years at a cost of $6.6 billion. (Erik Ombok/Bloomberg, 29 January 2013) Snippet 630
2013/01/29 South Sudan and Kenya will upgrade the Eldoret-Juba road 'to international standards' at a cost of one billion US dollars, according to Minister of Roads, Gier Chuang Aluong and his Kenyan counterpart. The World Bank will co-ordinate syndicated loans for the project. (Eric Ombok/Bloomberg, 29 January 2013) (Compare Snippet 982) Snippet 629
2012/08 2012 Aug : Roads are being planned in Upper Nile for trade with Ethiopia (SRS 15 Aug) Snippet 591
2012/09 Sep 2012 USAID formally presents the Juba-Nimule road which it funded (CRN 11 Sep) Snippet 576
2012 Japan is reportedly giving $37m aid (“immediate needs”) to S Sudan in 2012, including 5.4m to IOM for migration and border management work (CRN 21 Aug 2012) JICA also to support TV and radio - $6.4m (CRN 23 Aug 2012, Miraya 23 Aug 2012) $1m for a peri-urban road in Juba, (JICO linked with UNMISS) (Gurtong 11 Oct) Snippet 562
Reference Mini-review
Makol Bona Malwal, 2013/09/17. South Sudan: A third alternative to the oil pipeline proposal [Article] Sudan Tribune. Accessed online.

An argument for building a road highway to transport oil produced in South Sudan, as an alternative to pipelines or railway.

Rupa Ranganathan and Cecilia M. Briceño-Garmendia, 2011/09. South Sudan’s Infrastructure: A Continental Perspective [Report] The World Bank. Accessed online.

Argues that South Sudan's infrastructure needs are so vast that it needs to 'adopt firm priorities for its infrastructure spending. It also must attract international and private-sector investment and look to lower-cost technologies to begin to close its funding gap.'

NBS, 2011/08. South Sudan cost-to-market report: an analysis of check-points on the major trade routes in South Sudan [Report] National Bureau of Statistics. Accessed online.

Survey which clarifies an agenda for the reduction of trade costs and corruption associated with road check-points. On more than half of the major trade routes surveyed, transporters were charged more than SDG 200 per 100 km. Waiting at check-points increased journey times by about 65%. 47% by number and 27% by value of the payments were unreceipted.

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