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Tulio Odongi Ayahu

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2013/11/15 President Kiir makes a new round of government appointments: Tulio Odongi replaces Atem Garang de Kuek as SPLM chief whip in the NLA. Paulino Wanawilla Onango is promoted from deputy to full Minister of Justice, instead of Telar Deng whose appointment was not ratified by the NLA. Peter Bashir Gbandi becomes deputy Foreign Minister, and Selwa Gibril Beriberi becomes deputy Minister for Cabinet Affairs. Snippet
2014/02/17 70% of the SPLA will potentially defect to Riek Machar, according to SPLM chief whip, Tulio Odongi in the NLA. Interior minister Aleu Ayieny says his ministry is 'terribly affected' as police officers defect to the rebels. SLA votes a supplementary budget of more than $300 million dollars to deal with the security threats, much of which may be paid for the services of Ugandan military. Snippet
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