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unarmed violence

Date Snippet Page
2014/04 People stone to death an old man for allegedly poisoning a chief, in the second act of deadly mob justice in Mugwo Payam (Yei River County, CES) this year. Snippet 1764
Reference Mini-review
CARE, 2014/05. Bibliography item: CARE (2014/05) "‘The girl has no rights’: Gender-based violence in South Sudan". (Report). CARE. [Report] CARE. Accessed online.

This short and attractively-presented report can work as an introduction to the problem of gender-based violence in South Sudan, and a reminder of how formidable it is. The 'base line survey' on which the report is pegged does not appear to yield reliably precise information, but it tends to confirm what was already suspected: that women rarely report violence against them, and, when they do, rarely receive much support.

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