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2013/09 The ministry of education, UNESCO and Save the Children do not seem to be monitoring progress in illiteracy eradication. Their joint press release for World Literacy Day (8th September) quotes a literacy rate of 27% as 'current'. This is a figure given in the South Sudan Yearbook 2010 (p.48) on the basis of a survey in 2009. Snippet
2012/09 Sep 2012: UNESCO receives $500k for its SS operations from Ebay founder, but pledges are slow to be converted into real money (Gurtong 11 Sep) Snippet 574
2012/09 Sep 2012: UNESCO pledges $500k for education, especially eradication of illiteracy Snippet 573
2012 Kush Land Education Project. Runs computer competence training with support from UNESCO (GOSS website 12 Oct 2012) Snippet 565
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