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Unity State

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2014/05/30 Unity State’s caretaker governor changes all his state ministers and three county commissioners. Snippet: Unity State’s caretaker governor changes all his state ministers and....
2014/05/11 GRSS and SPLM/A-IO both accuse the other of violating the ceasefire signed between Kiir and Machar on 9 May. An unnamed UN official confirms shooting near Bentiu. Snippet: GRSS and SPLM/A-IO both accuse the other of violating the ceasefire si....
2014/05/08 There is severe food shortage in Bentiu, as traders have been killed, and the airport and roads closed due to the conflict, says Unity State's Minister of Information. Snippet: There is severe food shortage in Bentiu, as trader....
2014/05/06 US State Secretary Kerry ‘condemns in the strongest terms' GRSS offensives in Bentiu, Nasir and other places shortly after he had received a personal assurance from President Kiir on implementing the 23 Jan Cessation of Hostilities Agreement. Snippet: US State Secretary Kerry ‘condemns in the strong....
2014/05/04 SPLA recaptures Nasir and Bentiu, and repulses a rebel attack on Renk. Amid diplomatic pressure to implement the 23 January Cessation of Hostilities Agreement, the presidency claims that the SPLA marched into the towns after they had been deserted by the rebel forces. However, other reports had spoken of heavy fighting. Snippet: SPLA recaptures Nasir and Bentiu, and repulses a r....
2014/04/25 SPLM-in-Opposition claims its forces killed 69 JEM fighters and captured 14 landcruisers in JEM colours in Unity State. JEM denies it had any forces there. Snippet
2014/04/23 Leer and Mayom Counties of Unity State have fallen under the control of rebels, admits Information Minister Michael Makuei. He blames traitors within the SPLA, and asserts that the key towns will be recaptured within 24 hours. Snippet
2014/04/23 Information Minister Michael Makuei alleges that people were turned away from shelter in the UN base during the rebel capture of Bentiu the previous week; an allegation which is rebutted by UNMISS. Snippet
2014/04/21 UNMISS in Unity State (which now shelters 22,000 in its protection site) urgently needs reinforcements, but the Ghanaian battalion assigned there still has not arrived. Snippet
2014/04 Following the rebel capture of Bentiu town in mid-April, some SPLM-in-Opposition commanders broadcast ethnic hate-speech, and call for vengeful sexual violence against women based on their ethnicity. (Others call for reconciliation.) Snippet 1840
2014/04/15 to 2014/04/16 Over 200 civilians were murdered in Kali-Ballee Mosque and other places when rebels linked to SPLM-in-Opposition captured Bentiu, according to UNMISS investigations. The murder involved separation of different categories of people, largely on ethnic lines, but also targeting people who failed to show allegiance to the rebels. The UN vows that the killings will further investigate the atrocities and that 'perpetrators and their commanders shall be held accountable'. UNMISS managed to extract some other hundreds of people from the situation. Snippet 1839
2014/04/17 The recent fall of Bentiu is blamed by a top military officer contacted by Sudan Tribune on lack of ammunition, and the failure of people 'close to the president' to arrange timely funding for an air flight of new supplies. Snippet
2014/04/15 Employees of Safinat Caspian Oil Refining Company, building a refinery about 25km from Bentiu, come under attack (presumably by rebel forces) are extracted by UN peacekeepers to Bentiu. Five of them are wounded, two critically. Snippet
2014/04/14 SPLM-in-Opposition again captures Bentiu, the capital of Unity State, three months after GRSS forces captured it. Snippet
2014/04 IGAD ceasefire monitors begin work in Bor on 1st April and Bentiu on 5th April. They are expected to start in Malakal on 15th April. Snippet
2014/04/07 The Sudan air force reportedly bombs unknown targets in Pariang County. Snippet
2014/03/15 to 2014/04/02 The Commissioner of Mayom County (Unity State) says he has organized the return of 53 cattle stolen by Nuer (South Sudanese) people to Misseriya (Sudanese) of South Kordofan. Snippet
2014/03/31 16 are killed (including 14 women) and 130 cattle are taken in a raid in Twic County (Warrap State) by men thought to be from Unity State. Snippet
2014/03 SPLM members in Pariang County (Unity State) ask for high level party intervention to resolve their complaints against the SPLM county chairman (who is also the deputy governor of the state). Snippet
2014/03/14 UNV claims that members of Women Vision, a CBO it has helped set up in Koch County, have successfully persuaded 60 girls to return to school after dropping out. Women Vision also reportedly promotes womens' peacebuilding activities and peacebuilding. Snippet 1618
2014/02 to 2014/03 Traditional chiefs are among victims of targeted killings in March by SPLA in Gou Payam (Leer County, Upper Nile), according to an SPLM-in-Opposition spokesman. In February, two famous chiefs were killed by SPLA in Panyijiar County (Unity State), he said. Snippet
2013/12/15 to 2014/03 Oil production by GPOC and SPOC in Unity State was closed down when the SPLA 4th Division defected to rebels in December 2013 (although the DPOC production in Upper Nile continued). By March 2014 GPOC is sending some staff back, and hopes production may resume in 1-2 months. Snippet
2014/03/01 A raid on a cattle camp in Twic County (Warrap State) by attackers from Unity State leaves nine people dead and eight wounded. Now that many SPLA troops have gone to fight rebels, Warrap governor Nyandeng urges the police to be more forceful in using their guns to protect civilians. Snippet
2013 Kenya Commercial Bank reports that its South Sudan subsidiary in 2013 contributed 9.4% of its $164 million group earnings: about $15 million. However, since the rebellion it has closed its branches in Bentiu, Bor and Malakal. Snippet
2014/02/27 Part of a contingent of 250 Ghanaian troops arrived to reinforce the Mongolian UNMISS battalion in Bentiu. Snippet 1490
2014/02/25 Unity state says it will not pay salaries to employees who did not work during the month, even though this may have been due to insecurity related to the rebellion: for instance, teachers whose schools were closed, and others who fled to UN bases. Snippet
2014/02 GOSS forces killed prominent chiefs in Panyijar County when attacking from Lakes, according to a rebel official. Snippet 1388
2013/10/18 EU Special Envoy to South Sudan visits Yida refugee camp (Unity State), and urges that the refugees be moved to a camp further from the dangerous border area. Snippet
2013/10 HIV infection rates have fallen in Unity State from 1.6% to 1.3% in the last year, according to state officials. They attribute this to community awareness raising activities carried out mainly through NGOs. Snippet
2013/10/08 The Unity State Assembly only now approves the communiqué and resolutions of June's Tri-State Conference on issues of border security with Lakes and Warrap States. Snippet 1325
2013/06/19 The governors of Unity, Warrap and Lakes states sign a communique at the end of a Tri-State Conference on Cross-Border Security Issues, following recent violence. The communique reports resolutions and immediate action points. Snippet
2013/10/03 The SPLM caucus in Unity state admits journalists from government-run Bentiu FM 99, but not the aid-agency-run Miraya FM and Naath FM. Snippet
2013/09 Radio stations operated by Internews (an international NGO) form radio station associations, a move said to be a step towards community ownership. The stations are: Sobat FM in Upper Nile State, Naath FM in Unity State, Mayardit FM in Warrap State and Nhomlaau FM in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. The Internews project is funded by USAID. Snippet 1294
2013/10 More than 50,000 people have been displaced, and 11 reportedly died, due to flooding in Payinjiar County, Unity State. Snippet
2012 to 2013 During 2012, 16 people are reported to have died in Payinjiar County, Unity State, from rabies after dog bites. In 2013 state officials are urging for dogs, cats and donkeys to be vaccinated. Snippet
2013/09 Unity State backs plans for the relocation of residents presently living around an oil installation in Rubkotna County. State officials say that GPOC will 'reimburse' those forced to move. Snippet
2013/09/27 Unity State government approves SSP 400,000 for re-equipping and restructuring Bentiu FM 99 radio. Snippet
2013/09/02 Unity state MPs are critical of the state governor, for retaining a big government (11 ministers and more than 15 advisors) in his reshuffle. Snippet 1227
2013/09 The World Bank has been helping the Central Bank of South Sudan to establish a credit-reporting bureau. Snippet 1218
2013/08 The deputy speaker of Unity state resigns, apparently in order to maintain a balance of county representation among state office-bearers, since both he and the newly-appointed deputy governor of the state come from Pariang County. There are probably wider manoeuvres involved; it is a time of reshuffling of positions in the state. Snippet
2013/08 Newly-appointed commissioner for Payinjiar County (Unity State) is the sixth since 2005. The county has a problem of 'rampant disunity'. Residents also complain the county is ill-represented in the state government. Snippet
2013/08 Unity State official explains the large number of ministers and advisors in the state on the demands for representation by each county and ethnic group Snippet
2013/08/19 Unity State caretaker governor, Joseph Nguen Monytuel sacks and replaces the county commissioners of Payinjiar, Rubkotna and Koch. Snippet
2013/08 SSRRC coordinator in Guit County (Unity State) is murdered. Snippet
2013/08/01 to 2013/08/08 Heavy rain in Bentiu and other areas of Unity State in the first week of August leads to serious flooding. Snippet
2013/07 to 2013/08 Prices of transported goods rise sharply in Bentiu in a few weeks. The price of a sack of sorghum increases from SSP 200 to SSP 300. The timing of the increase is associated with heavy rain making roads almost impassable. Some blame trader exploitation. Traders blame taxation. The state director of taxation says goods are taxed at five percent, a lower rate than in other states. Snippet
2006 to 2008/04 Officials of Koch County in Unity State claim that 30 people have died in the last two years from the effects of water contamination produced by the Jath oilfield. Samples taken by an NGO called Sign of Hope are said to show nitrate level above 80 miligrams per litre. Snippet
2013/08/03 The caretaker governor of Unity State, Joseph Manytuil Wajang, dismisses all state cabinet ministers and state advisors. Other positions are also likely to be affected, and the number of ministries further reduced. (Unity State has already reduced the number of ministries from 16 to 10.) Snippet 1056
2013/04 to 2013/08 Peace was declared by some rebel groups - SSLA (South Sudan Liberation Army), SSDA (South Sudan Democratic Army) and SSDF (South Sudan Defense Forces) - in April 2013. President Kiir issued an amnesty. 5,000 SSLA soldiers then moved to Mayom County in UNS. In August, talks began on their reintegration, mostly into the SPLA and the SSPS. GOSS's peace and integration committee for this is headed by Thomas Cirilo. Snippet
2013/02/18 A majority of state MPs in Unity State vote for a no-confidence motion against the state assembly speaker, Simon Maguek Gai. However, the state governor, Taban Deng Gai, does not back his removal, and discussions continue. Snippet 725
2012/10 Plans were made to relocate refugees to more sustainable settlements within Unity and Upper Nile states as from March 2013 (OCHA, 2013, p.2). Snippet 652
2012/12 4,000 people became displaced due to cattle-raiding violence in Unity State. Snippet 649
2012 to 2013 Payinjiar County is reportedly badly hit by floods in 2012 causing hunger and stress migration in 2013. (Bonifacio Taban/The Niles, 24 January 2013) Snippet 625
Reference Mini-review
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