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UNPOL (United Nations Police)

Date Snippet Page
2014/03/03 Police say crime has decreased in Juba due to intensified patrols, and with support from UN police. Last week seven police were tried for misconduct, and three dismissed. Snippet
2013/08 UNMISS/UNPOL announce their support for an extraordinary Police Leadership Council meeting in Wau for three days, to map the way forward for the National Police Service, following up the last PLC meeting in Rejaf in April. Snippet 1144

UNPOL (United Nations Police)

UNPOL is a division within the UN secretariat, which works under UNMISS in South Sudan. According to its South Sudan web page (accessed 2013/08/30) it comprises more than 530 personnel, and works on 'training, policing, police reform, protection of civilians'.

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