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Upper Nile State

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2014/07/15 Fees on Sudanese transhumant animals in Upper Nile State are being reduced. The fees are reportedly levied by a non-governmental Pastoralists Union in the state, and the high level has apparently discouraged migration or payment by herders from Sennar, White Nile and Blue Nile States. Snippet: Fees on Sudanese transhumant animals in Upper Nile State are being red....
2014/05/27 SPLA soldiers in Maban County have been divided into different camps, based on ethnicity. This is reportedly due to an order from the high command. Snippet: SPLA soldiers in Maban County have been divided into different camps, ....
2014/03 to 2014/05 Refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) camps receive only 37 days worth of rations within a 90 day period. At least 2,000 of the 126,000 are forced to return to Sudan because of food shortages. The World Food Programme has the role of delivering the food. With the road from Gambella (Ethiopia) almost unusable in the rainy season, it has organized some airlifts and airdrops, but is also pursuing the cheaper alternative of barge transportation. Snippet: Refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) camps receive only 37 days worth....
2014/05/12 The measured malnutrition rate in Doro refugee camp (Maban County) has passed the 'emergency' threshhold. The effect of rain on the roads means that air transportation of supplies will probably be needed. Snippet: The measured malnutrition rate in Doro refugee camp (Maban County) has....
2014/05/07 Food rations in refugee camps in Maban County (Upper Nile) are inadequate. UNHCR and WFP blames the fighting between GRSS and rebels for insecurity which hinders the transportation of supplies. Snippet: Food rations in refugee camps in Maban County (Upp....
2014/05/04 to 2014/05/07 At least 11,000 people cross to Ethiopia as refugees in three days following the SPLA's capture of Nasir from the SPLM/A-IO rebels, according to UNHCR. Snippet: At least 11,000 people cross to Ethiopia as refuge....
2014/05/06 US State Secretary Kerry ‘condemns in the strongest terms' GRSS offensives in Bentiu, Nasir and other places shortly after he had received a personal assurance from President Kiir on implementing the 23 Jan Cessation of Hostilities Agreement. Snippet: US State Secretary Kerry ‘condemns in the strong....
2014/05/04 SPLA recaptures Nasir and Bentiu, and repulses a rebel attack on Renk. Amid diplomatic pressure to implement the 23 January Cessation of Hostilities Agreement, the presidency claims that the SPLA marched into the towns after they had been deserted by the rebel forces. However, other reports had spoken of heavy fighting. Snippet: SPLA recaptures Nasir and Bentiu, and repulses a r....
2014/04/27 Dinka youth in the northern part of Upper Nile State have reportedly been mobilized on behalf of GRSS to help defend the Paloich oilfields. Snippet
2014/04 IGAD ceasefire monitors begin work in Bor on 1st April and Bentiu on 5th April. They are expected to start in Malakal on 15th April. Snippet
2014/04/09 January and February salaries have still not been paid to employees of Upper Nile State government, due to insecurity in the aftermath of the rebellion. Snippet
2014/03 Representatives of the Maban community near Yousif Batil refugee camp (Maban County, Upper Nile) ask the government - through its Committee on Refugee Affairs - to lead a process to stabilize and resolve their conflict with the refugees. UNHCR is trying to help this process. Snippet
2014/03 In Aweil and Renk, market prices of some consumer commodities have fallen dramatically compared with last year. This seems to be due to easier trading across the Sudan border. Snippet 1667
2014/03 Local people impose an ultimatum of two months for refugees from Blue Nile to leave their camp areas in Maban County. There have been clashes causing re-displacement of many refugees. One reason for hostilities is that the refugees are cutting trees for their shelters. There is also competition for firewood, grass and grazing land. The situation is made worse by interruption of relief food supplies. Snippet 1660
2014/03/19 The SPLA recaptures Malakal from rebels. A rebel spokesperson says they will claim the oil fields in Upper Nile State, and resist the deployment of any IGAD force sent to defend the infrastructure. Snippet
2014/03 The government of Upper Nile is temporarily relocated to Renk town, due to the rebellion which has made Malakal insecure. Snippet
2014/03 Food rations are reduced to 130,000 refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) due to the effect of the rebellion on supply routes. Meanwhile cases of severe malnutrition in very young children appear to be increasing. Snippet 1577
2014/03/04 There are deaths and injuries when refugees at Yosif Batil camp, Maban County (Upper Nile) are reportedly attacked by armed and uniformed members of the local community. The attack is thought to be prompted partly by competition for land and natural resources, and also by effects of the current rebellion in South Sudan. Snippet
2014/03 The World Bank is supporting a Rapid Results Health Project (RRHP) in Jonglei and Upper Nile, with initial funding of USD 28 million in August 2012, which it says is now 'seeing strong results'. Snippet
2013 Kenya Commercial Bank reports that its South Sudan subsidiary in 2013 contributed 9.4% of its $164 million group earnings: about $15 million. However, since the rebellion it has closed its branches in Bentiu, Bor and Malakal. Snippet
2014/02 President Kiir countermands the creation of a state ministry of petroleum and mining by Upper Nile governor Simon Kun Puoch, on grounds that it was unconstitutional. Snippet
2014/02/18 At least 10 people are killed in inter-communal violence in UN camp at Malakal, where people are seeking refuge from fighting around town. Snippet: At least 10 people are killed in inter-communal vi....
2014/02/18 Rebels capture Malakal. State government officials escape with GOSS forces. GOSS/SPLM-DC general Johnson Ulony is wounded in the neck. Snippet
2014/01/20 SPLA announces that it has recaptured Malakal from rebels. The rebels had been holding it for about a week. Snippet 1395
2014/01 SPLM-DC alleges atrocities committed in Malakal town by rebels - for instance, house-to-house killings, and killings in hospitals - with prominent Shilluk people apparently a particular target. Snippet 1393
2014/02 'No single county in Jonglei, Upper Nile or Unity is under complete control of the president Kiir's forces' claims rebel spokesperson Hussain Maar. In Upper Nile an MP says the counties of Nasir, Ulang, Longichuk and Maiwut are under the control of the SPLM-in-Opposition. Snippet 1386
2014/02 Representatives of Apadang Dinka people (of Renk, Melut, Baliet and Akoka counties of Upper Nile) at a meeting in Melut County condemn attacks on them by rebel forces. Snippet 1383
2013/10 Authorities in Malakal say schools in the town are overcrowded because of stranded returnees. Snippet 1361
2013/10 About 30,000 returnees are stranded in Renk (Upper Nile State) according to the IOM, 11,000 of them in transit sites. The problem seems partly because most returnees cannot travel to Juba without IOM screening and support. Snippet
2013/10 The Commissioner of Melut County highlights adverse effects of oil production in his county. He seeks implementation of an environmental and social audit as provided for in the Petroleum Act, with a view to compensation of the affected communities by DPOC (the oil consortium implicated). Snippet
2013/10 Gum arabic (alias gum africa) is being collected in Manyo County, Upper Nile State, where it seems to have the potential to be an important local product. Snippet
2013/06 to 2013/10 South Sudan received USD 1.3 billion from oil sales between June and October, according to the oil ministry. At the same time it paid USD 0.33 billion to Sudan as tariffs and Transitional Financial Agreement payments. About 85 per cent of the oil was produced from the Upper Nile fields. Snippet
2013/09 Radio stations operated by Internews (an international NGO) form radio station associations, a move said to be a step towards community ownership. The stations are: Sobat FM in Upper Nile State, Naath FM in Unity State, Mayardit FM in Warrap State and Nhomlaau FM in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. The Internews project is funded by USAID. Snippet 1294
2013/10/02 The governor of Upper Nile State, Simon Kun Puoch, meets President Kiir, and reportedly gets a go-ahead to 'direct' the state assembly. This comes after the assembly impeached its deputy speaker against the will of the governor, and the governor suspended it. Snippet
2013/09/26 An outbreak of measles is announced in Upper Nile state. There have been 44 identified cases in Malakal County since August. Snippet
2013/08 Two county commissioners in Upper Nile State - for Baliet and Maban Counties - were sacked by the state governor on suspicion of misusing community funds. Snippet 1146
2013/08/12 A new cabinet of ten ministers is sworn in for Upper Nile State by caretaker governor Joseph Nguen Monytuel. Snippet
2013/07 to 2013/08 Prices of transported goods rise sharply in Bentiu in a few weeks. The price of a sack of sorghum increases from SSP 200 to SSP 300. The timing of the increase is associated with heavy rain making roads almost impassable. Some blame trader exploitation. Traders blame taxation. The state director of taxation says goods are taxed at five percent, a lower rate than in other states. Snippet
2012/12 to 2013/07 Various cases are reported of harassment of journalists in recent months (including possibly illegal detentions and death threats), mainly by members of the National Security Service and mainly in Upper Nile State. Snippet 1051
2013/07/22 The Governor of Upper Nile, Simon Kun Puoch, removes Peter Chol as Commissioner of Ulang County. Snippet 1034
2013/07/25 Two journalists are detained by security personnel in Upper Nile, which they say is part of a general pattern of intimidation of the independent press there. Snippet 1030
2013/06 Upper Nile State Governor, Simon Kun Puoch, tries to put all tax collection in the hands of the state rather than the national government authorities Snippet 1009
2013/07 Upper Nile State cannot get enough tax receipt forms from the national government, so has to use Sudanese ones instead. Snippet 1008
2013/02 Upper Nile State has recently set up Community Development Committees in each county, to monitor and implement development projects with funding from the state government. (Ariik Atekdii/Gurtong, 19 Feb 2013) Snippet 724
2012 In 2012 Upper Nile State received more registered returnees (about 40,000) than any other state. Many are stranded in one of four transit sites in Renk. (OCHA, 2013, p.3) Snippet 655
2012/10 Plans were made to relocate refugees to more sustainable settlements within Unity and Upper Nile states as from March 2013 (OCHA, 2013, p.2). Snippet 652
2013/02/02 SPLA and Upper Nile State Government say Sudan Armed Forces attacked SPLA in Upper Nile by ground and air on 2nd February, at Balbanis/Algoli area in Renk County. They say this follows two attacks in the area in late December and early January. Snippet 614
2013/01 The Governor of Upper Nile State, Simon Kun Puoc, orders the Secretary-General of the SPLM in Upper Nile, John Kor Dieu, to leave the state, on grounds of corruption and collaborating with SPLM-DC. (Sudan Tribune, 4 February 2013) Snippet 612
2012/08 2012 Aug : Roads are being planned in Upper Nile for trade with Ethiopia (SRS 15 Aug) Snippet 591
Reference Mini-review
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50,000-word article. Based on a daring journey to visit rebel commander Riek Machar and some of his military operations in the field, this long article is a compelling read. Riddled with statements which are simplistic, inaccurate or plain untrue (especially in matters of historical background), it is nevertheless an important contribution to knowledge of South Sudan, because of an insightful portrayal of Riek Machar and  an authentic depiction of horrors and farce around of one of captures of Malakal by the SPLM/A-IO and White Army.

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Valuable testimony by a nun, which helps one visualise more clearly what happened in Malakal during in early 2014.

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Reports a study of relations between local communities, government and oil corporations in oilfield areas of Blocks 3 and 7 in Melut and Maban Counties, Upper Nile State. Includes useful background chapter on oil and confilct in Sudan and South Sudan.

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