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2014/06 In Aweil South County (NBGS) people are imprisoned for farming within the county capital, Malek-alel. The Commissioner says rules were agreed about this, but the Paramount Chief says the chiefs were not consulted. Snippet: In Aweil South County (NBGS) people are imprisoned for farming within ....
2013/04 Vice President Riek Machar identifies tribal-based urban settlements as a problem. Snippet 821
2012/07 2012 July: Waste collection system pilot is started with aid from JICA (Miraya 18 July 2012) Snippet 587
2012/06 Vice-President Riek Machar says GOSS will establish more counties (in CES) to “bring cities to the people”. Snippet 530
Reference Mini-review
Naomi Pendle, 2013/02/13. The coming of connectivity as the coming of the town [Article] African Arguments. Accessed online.

Describes how a kind of cultural urbanization is being disseminated to rural areas (of Warrap State) through enhanced telecommunications and roads.

Sudan Tribune, 2012/06/01. South Sudan to establish more new counties - Machar [News item] Sudan Tribune. Accessed online.
Ellen Martin and Irina Mosel, 2011. City limits: Urbanisation and vulnerability in Sudan: Juba case study [Report] Overseas Development Institute. Accessed online.

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Year Indicator Value Details
Proportion of population living in urban areas (%)
Stat 914
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