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2014/05/31 Work is going ahead in WES on USAID’s Feeder and Trunk Roads Program, implemented by Tetra Tech. Snippet: Work is going ahead in WES on USAID’s Feeder and Trunk Roads Program....
2014/04/12 A Call for Action on South Sudan is issued by representatives of the USA, EU and UN, meeting in Washington DC. It says the next three months are critical for averting a famine which could affect seven million people. It urges donors to provide USD 232m for the next three months. It also urges the warring parties to stop fighting and to respect international law. Snippet
2014/04/11 A 2014-2021 strategic health plan is launched by national and state health ministries at the end of a workshop in Nairobi. The planning process has been supported by USAID, WHO, PSI, Mentor initiative, and malaria control officials from other African countries. Snippet 1788
2013/09 Radio stations operated by Internews (an international NGO) form radio station associations, a move said to be a step towards community ownership. The stations are: Sobat FM in Upper Nile State, Naath FM in Unity State, Mayardit FM in Warrap State and Nhomlaau FM in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. The Internews project is funded by USAID. Snippet 1294
2013/08 USAID / IFDC Seeds for Development project is distributing hybrid maize and fertilizer in Morobo and Yei Counties. But the Area Agriculture office of Morobo sees not enough difference between the performance of hybrid and traditional varieties in tests to justify the need for farmers to pay for the former. There are fears that the aid subsidy will lead farmers to become dependent on the former, which have to be purchased every year. Snippet 1190
2012/11 Nov 2012 USAID arrangement with commercial banks reportedly unlocks $7m for lending to farmers (ST 2 Nov 2012) Snippet 577
2012/09 Sep 2012 USAID formally presents the Juba-Nimule road which it funded (CRN 11 Sep) Snippet 576
2012/08 USAID deputy administrator meets SS ministerial delegation (including MoFEP and Oil) re food security and government transparency (ST 27 Aug) Snippet 575
Reference Mini-review
Glenn E. Robinson and Gerald F. Hyman, 2013/03. Democracy, human rights, and governance assessment of the Republic of South Sudan: Final report [Report] USAID. Accessed online.

Argues that authoritarianism and concentration of power in the hands of an elite have increased and will probably continue to do so as a result of GRSS's access to oil revenues while other sectors of the economy languish. There is a small window of opportunity for donor states to fight this trend leading up to the 2015 national elections, especially if a cut-off of oil revenues temporarily makes GRSS more dependent on aid donors. But USAID's main strategic goal for RSS has been stability. This may be optimal for realpolitik, but not for promotion of democracy, rights and good governance....

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