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Wau County

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2014/05 The rate of female genital mutilation is high and increasing in Raga and Wau counties, according to the WBGS health minister. He calls on aid agencies to help solve the problem. Snippet: The rate of female genital mutilation is high and ....
2013/05 to 2013/09 Killings and injuries by rogue members of security agencies in Wau, May - September. In May, one person was killed and two injured by a soldier attacking doctors in Wau Teaching Hospital. In July, one person was shot dead after a drunken policeman got into a quarrel. In late September 16 people are seriously injured - and some are critical in hospital - after a soldier detonates a grenade in a quarrel with a woman selling local drinks. Snippet 1221
2013/01 35 legislative councillors are appointed for Wau County (Jan) and sworn in at the new county headquarters at Bagari (Feb). (James Deng Dimo/Gurtong, 18 Feb 2013) Snippet 727
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