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Wau town

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2014/04/26 to 2014/04/27 A large defection of SPLA soldiers in Wau leads to fighting, and also to panic especially among Nuer citizens. The state government seeks to avert ethnic violence by mounting joint patrols. But about 700 flee to the UNMISS camp. One of the defecting generals explains that the action came because Nuer soldiers felt under threat from their Dinka colleagues especially after the recent defections and fighting in Mapel. Snippet 1874
2014/04 A top police officer of Wau is shot dead in Tombura after allegedly defecting to Riek Machar's rebel movement and attempting to smuggle arms. Snippet
2014/04 Wau still does not have a proper power station, since 2011 when the old one collapsed. Costs of town electricity are very high. Snippet
2014/03 WBGS Chamber of Commerce says vehicles moving from Juba to Wau must pay SSP 4,000 at road checkpoints. The police spokesperson says such 'taxation' is illegal. Snippet
2013/10 Shisha has been banned by Wau municipality. Snippet
2013/10 Wau prison was built for 240 inmates but is housing three times that number. There is no separate juvenile section. Snippet
2012/08 Aug 2012: Row over Molid Square, Wau, where it is alleged that the State Islamic Council of NBGS has sold land secretly, and the state Government wants more control over development (CRN 23 Aug) Snippet 593
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