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WES (Western Equatoria State)

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2014/07/03 The Governors of the Equatorian states insist that the debate on federalism should continue, despite apparent attempts by the central authorities to stifle it. Snippet: The Governors of the Equatorian states insist that the debate on feder....
2014/06 Shortage of judges in WES results in long detention for many suspects before they can be tried. The shortage is partly because many judges took leave when the national rebellion started in December 2013 and have not yet returned. Snippet: Shortage of judges in WES results in long detention for many suspects ....
2014/05/31 Work is going ahead in WES on USAID’s Feeder and Trunk Roads Program, implemented by Tetra Tech. Snippet: Work is going ahead in WES on USAID’s Feeder and Trunk Roads Program....
2014/03/22 to 2014/03/26 Sudan Tribune (ST) reports a press statement from one Wani Tombe Lako, claiming to represent an umbrella organization of political parties, NGOs and others called GRECOR (Greater Equatoria Council of Rights). ST says that Wani is a resident of Khartoum but GRECOR has an office in Juba. The statement says GRECOR is joining Riek Machar's negotiating team, as his rebellion promotes governance reforms needed by Equatorians. ST reports that some Equatorians agree with this, but others (including WES Governor Bakosoro) do not. Snippet
2014/03 There are still problems in changing from the school syllabus of Sudan to that of South Sudan, particularly at secondary level. Reasons include lack of key books in schools, poor quality of some South Sudan syllabus books, and a need for more training of teachers in the new syllabus. These problems have recently been discussed in WES. Snippet
2014/03 The rebellion crisis has diverted government money away from agriculture, according to the agriculture minister in WES. Snippet
2014/03 The Commissioner of Ezo County (WES) dismisses a payam chief for alleged gross misconduct involving disobeying county authorities. The county paramount chief appoints a new acting chief for the payam. Snippet
2013/11 to 2014/03 Loggers associated with Dot Company are in dispute with the government of WES. They say the Governor threatened and locked them up. The government says they did not get the right permissions before felling teak trees in Embe plantation for transport to Uganda, and that protecting the law is done by the police, not the Governor. Snippet
2014/03 Mapourdit Hospital (Yirol West County) receives patients from four states (Lakes, WES, Warrap and WBGS). It is run by the Catholic church. Snippet
2013/03 The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Sudan dropped from 3% in 2010 to 2.6% in 2012, according to a GOSS Antenatal Clinic (ANC) surveillance report for 2012. Prevalence is reportedly highest in Western Equatoria (6.8%) and lowest in Northern Bahr el Ghazal (0.3%). Snippet
2013/10/10 Girls performed slightly better than boys in the 2013 Sudan School Certificate examinations, according to results released by the education ministry. The figures also reportedly show that Warrap was the best performing state and Western Equatoria the worst performing state. Snippet
2013 The number of trained medical staff in Yambio hospital falls from 208 in 2009 to 158 in mid-2013. This decrease is attributed largely to lack of promotion opportunities, so that many leave to join NGOs or become self-employed. Staff policies come under the state government. The impact is felt especially in lower antenatal care service. Meanwhile about 60% of the hospital's work is helped by MSF Spain. Snippet 1318
2013/10 A pioneering effort to extend HIV/AIDS counselling and testing from cities to rural areas is made by YMCA with support from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, in Yambio area. Snippet 1297
2013/09 Western Equatoria State has signed an MOU with Lumber-logs South Sudan Limited. Their operation involves a saw-mill at Yabua in Nzara County, and teak plantations at Singbi (Nzara) and Marangu (Ezo County). The company has agreed to pay into social funds to compensate the communities in Singbi and Marangu. Snippet
2013/04/03 The government of Western Equatoria State is trying to tax teak at roadblocks, and is calling for a local association of teak producers, to combat suspected exploitation of the local communities by merchants. Snippet 844
2013/02 Yambio Youth County Association is formed and Yambio Youth Information Centre is opened. Senior county authorities evidently hope for less conflict among the youth. Snippet 723
2012/11 Nov 2012 The state government of WES is suspected to be behind arrests of politicians (ST 10 Nov 12) Snippet 598
2012/10 Oct 2012 SPLA work brigades have been farming in WES (Gurtong 16 Oct) Snippet 597
2012/08 Wildlife is said to be recovering in WES despite some continuing poaching (CRN 24 Aug 2012) Snippet 596
2012/08 Aug 2012: Maridi Commissioner Adel Sandarai is sacked by the state governor for selling trees at Embe Forest Reserve to foreign companies (Gurtong 15 Aug 2012) Snippet 595
2012/08 CAFOD was funding small loans to women entrepreneurs in groups in WES (CRN 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 546
Reference Mini-review
Aly Verjee, 2013/03/14. Is all well in the teak forests of South Sudan? [Article] African Arguments. Accessed online.

Good-quality piece of investigative journalism, centering on the ethical standards of the Equatoria Teak Company, the Central Equatoria Teak Company, and their majority owner, Maris Capital. It uncovers a faulty claim by ETC to being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and also explains some of the practical difficulties of certification processes. But it concludes that the fostering of transparency and responsibility in forestry companies is the best way forward for the teak logging sector, in view of the widespread alternative of illegal and highly wasteful logging.

EJAtlas, 2011-2014. Teak forest exploitation, South Sudan [Web page] Environmental Justice Atlas. Accessed online.

Web-page case-file on the teak concession at Nzara operated by the Equatoria Teak Company.

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