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Yei River County

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2014/05 Constituency Development Fund projects in Yei River County are evaluated by a team from the NLC. Initial reports suggest that some of the projects have been productive, but others misconceived and/or mismanaged. Snippet: Constituency Development Fund projects in Yei River County are evaluat....
2014/05 Yei police arrest three men dressed in women’s clothing, which the Yei Police Chief Commissioner says is a crime. The men are later tried in the customary court and released for lack of clear evidence against them. The court warns girls against dressing in tight clothing which may incite crime. Snippet: Yei police arrest three men dressed in women’s clothing, which the Y....
2014/04/10 Timber companies operating in Kagelu National Forest agree to help build a new primary school in the area. This comes in a meeting at the headquarters of Yei River County chaired by the county commissioner after complaints from the local people that they were not gaining enough benefit from the government-licensed activities. The commissioner also suspends teak logging in the area until further measures are in place to ensure community benefits. Snippet 1797
2014/04 People stone to death an old man for allegedly poisoning a chief, in the second act of deadly mob justice in Mugwo Payam (Yei River County, CES) this year. Snippet 1764
2014/04 Körgulu people in Yei River County block teak company operations for two days, complaining that the local community is not getting fair benefits from the resource harvesting. Some are reportedly beaten up by employees of Gambo and Sons Timber Company. Snippet 1748
2014/03 A private company - Yei Water, Sanitation and Public Utility Company - is expecting to expand the underground piped water system in Yei town. (But the process suffers from delays in government demarcation of roads.) Snippet 1704
2014/03 The CES Ministry of Education has ruled that school students are examined on the South Sudan syllabus. This is a problem for students in three of the state's counties - including Yei River County - where the students have been using the Uganda syllabus. Snippet
2014/03 In Yei, animals (including many imported from Uganda) are often slaughtered by butchers on the ground, rather than hygienic conditions. There is currently no meat inspection regime. Snippet 1690
2014/03/17 The SSLS in Yei conducts awareness-raising with citizens about the Communities Development Fund (CDF), its scope for corruption, and how citizens should hold to account the MPs and others involved. Snippet
2014/03/01 A Yei municipality official says property 'left by Arabs' (particularly near the Municipality) will be taken over by the government, and that people living in such properties should move out 'without any quarrel'. Snippet 1504
2014/02/28 No medicines have been received in Yei River County from the national or state ministries of health in the past year, according to the county commissioner. This has led to a shortage of basic healthcare. Snippet
2013/10 The commissioner of Yei River County complains that many NGO projects in health and education are not recommended by the county authorities, and threatens NGOs with deportation if they do not meet the citizens' needs. Snippet
2013/08 USAID / IFDC Seeds for Development project is distributing hybrid maize and fertilizer in Morobo and Yei Counties. But the Area Agriculture office of Morobo sees not enough difference between the performance of hybrid and traditional varieties in tests to justify the need for farmers to pay for the former. There are fears that the aid subsidy will lead farmers to become dependent on the former, which have to be purchased every year. Snippet 1190
2013/02 The Terekeka County Commissioner calls Mundari cattle-owners outside the county to return, noting the creation of conflict with neighbouring communities and ill effects on female education. But the Mundari cattle trade has a business association based in Yei River County. Snippet 660
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