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2015/05/15 ICRC announces a USD 127 million relief operation, air-dropping food, seed and other items into remote locations. (Ref.) More ►
2015/04/25 A press release from SPLM-in-Opposition denies its forces carried out targeted killings of civilians in Bentiu. It accuses GRSS and its allies in JEM of killing civilians before they left the town in order to frame the rebels. It also denies any official broadcasting of hate speech, while conceding that individuals might have expressed anger during talk shows. It accuses UNMISS of getting the story from GRSS and not investigating independently. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/15 Fees on Sudanese transhumant animals in Upper Nile State are being reduced. The fees are reportedly levied by a non-governmental Pastoralists Union in the state, and the high level has apparently discouraged migration or payment by herders from Sennar, White Nile and Blue Nile States. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/14 Tonj civil hospital has run out of injectable drugs, while Tonj town is virtually cut off by rains on poor roads. The problem of drug supply seems to be more general, in Warrap state at least. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/11 The EU orders a freeze on any EU assets of generals Santino Deng (SPLA) and Peter Gadet (SPLA-IO) for violating the agreed ceasefire. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/09 President Kiir warns that federalism would lead to expulsion of certain ethnic groups from certain states, such as Dinka from Equatoria. Referring to such a process in the early 1980s he calls this 'korkora'. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/07 Security forces confiscate the daily print run of the Citizen newspaper. Editor Nhial Bol Aken believes this is partly because it included a discussion of federalism, and partly because he refused a request to report to security offices, bringing others with him. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/07 President Kiir launches renewed upgrade work on Juba airport, accusing former ministers of embezzling funds previously allocated for the purpose. The current work is to be carried out by the Chinese Harbour Engineering Company. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/07 Juba curfew-breakers are to be shot dead by order of the Council of Ministers, says Interior Minister Aleu Ayieny Aleu. However for several days it remains unclear whether this statement is valid, or whether the ruling is applied, or even whether a curfew really exists. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/04 Equatorians in the army and police are being disarmed, says the governor of CES. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/04 Jonglei state has cancelled its agreement with OCHA, the UN's humanitarian coordination agency, over dispute about relative quantities of food distributed in government- and rebel-held areas, says the state's information minister. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/03 The Governors of the Equatorian states insist that the debate on federalism should continue, despite apparent attempts by the central authorities to stifle it. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/02 Bilateral arrangements with Sudan, including an agreement on customs and immigration, are strengthened in a visit to Khartoum by the Interior Minister, Aleu Ayieny. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/02 The National Security Service confiscates the day’s print run of the Juba Monitor newspaper, apparently because it is covering the debate over federalism. However, the Presidential Spokesman and the Information Minister had reasserted that media were free to cover the issue of federalism. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/07/02 The Finance Minister tables an annual budget for South Sudan in parliament. The amount is reduced from SSP 17.3 billion in 2013-4 to SSP 11.3 billion. He reveals that South Sudan has debts of about SSP 10 billion. 74% of the budget is devoted to the salaries of government employees and the security sector. The minister complains at 'fiscal indiscipline', largely meaning corruption. (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/07/04
Riek Machar and a delegation from SPLM-IO visit South Africa, where Riek has a meeting with President Zuma. (Ref.) More ►
2014/07 Vice-president Wani visits China and receives pledges of USD 24 million aid, including USD 1.4 for the Kiir Mayardit Maternity Hospital. Various aid is promised to the SPLM party, including the training of cadres, the construction of a head office, and the publication of books. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/26 An interim report is submitted by the AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan. It was originally due to have made a final report by now, but it requests an extension due to various practical problems and delays, and the perceived need for inclusive consultations. Meanwhile it reserves any conclusive and definitive pronouncement on the question of criminal accountability. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/24 South Sudan displaces Somalia as the world’s most fragile state, according to the new edition of the index compiled by the Fund For Peace, a US-based non-profit organization. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/16 Only two out of Juba‘s eight public electricity generators are working. Funds have just been released by the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs to buy repairs and maintenance from the sole supplier, but it will take at least 6-8 weeks. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/16 GRSS and SPLM-IO both boycott a scheduled session of peace talks: SPLM-IO because it was unhappy about the IGAD mediators' method of selecting non-combatant participants; GRSS because the IGAD Executive Secretary called both sides 'stupid' for believing a military solution was possible. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/15 A US report is released which finds that GRSS has ‘not demonstrated any will or capacity’ to investigate atrocities or hold perpetrators accountable. It recommends (among other things) a new internationally-driven investigation mechanism. See Biblio item on ‘Assessment of Justice, Accountability and Reconciliation Measures in South Sudan'. The report's conclusions are broadly endorsed by a US State Department official. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/14 The Agriculture ministry aims to eliminate food shortages by 2018 using mechanized farming methods. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/10 An extraordinary summit of IGAD heads of state and government deplores continued flagrant breaches of the South Sudan cessation of hostilities agreements (26 Jan, 6 May, 9 May), and reaffirms the principle of inclusivity in peace talks (involvement of dissident SPLM leaders, other parties, civil society and faith groups). It threatens pressure and punishments against GRSS and SPLM-IO if they continue to violate agreements, hinder humanitarian aid, or obstruct the principle of inclusivity. (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/06/07
IGAD organizes a ‘multi-stakeholder symposium’ in Addis Ababa ‘to initiate an inclusive phase of the peace process in South Sudan’. The event includes opposition, political parties, faith-based groups and civil society organizations. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/05 The caretaker governor of Lakes orders chiefs and county commissioners to recruit 800 youth per county into the SPLA, and recruit them by force if necessary. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/03 An emergency call centre - dial 777 - is to start operation on 9th July, announce the police and interior ministry. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/03 The Ministry of Education says it does not know how many teachers there are, and is therefore planning a head-count. The exercise is to interview every individual teacher. (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/06/04
Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are reported in dire need of medical care and other assistance. The EES health minister says there is no IDP camp, but as citizens the people can access facilities in Mogali Payam and Nimule Town. (The IDPs from Jonglei were previously offered relocation to a different part of EES but refused.) However, UNHCR and Health Link South Sudan go ahead with a needs assessment and registration. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/02 The finance ministry has not released money for the Constituency Development Fund in the last two years, complains the NLA speaker. (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/06/03
National- and state- level education ministers meet for consultation. Among problems discussed are weak arrangements for examinations, lack of textbooks, and the need for a system which embraces people with disabilities. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/02 Oil income in the 2013-4 financial year was USD 3.5 bn. After deductions for loan repayment and agreed contribution to Sudan, the revenue for GRSS was 1.9 bn, according to the oil minister. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/02 Systematic extortion from traders to Warawar market (near the border with Sudan in NBGS) is being done by a gang (possibly associated with an Arab ethnic group). (Ref.) More ►
2014/06/01 Lam Akol (leader of parliamentary opposition party SPLM-DC) adds his voice to calls for a federal system of governance, and de-linking of the national army from the ruling SPLM party. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06 The rate of HIV among people tested in Morobo County and Yei River County health facilties has risen sharply. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/06 China is consigning humanitarian aid through the SSRRC (Relief and Rehabilitation Commission): non-food items like tents, mosquito nets and solar panels. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06 In Aweil South County (NBGS) people are imprisoned for farming within the county capital, Malek-alel. The Commissioner says rules were agreed about this, but the Paramount Chief says the chiefs were not consulted. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06 A large consignment of weapons is shipped by Norinco (a Chinese company) to GRSS. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06 Shortage of judges in WES results in long detention for many suspects before they can be tried. The shortage is partly because many judges took leave when the national rebellion started in December 2013 and have not yet returned. (Ref.) More ►
2014/06 More than a thousand SPLA soldiers desert their posts in Jonglei apparently as a result of non-payment of wages for as much as much as six months. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/06 Eden money transfer business has been hard hit by lack of business following widespread non-payment of government salaries during the recent civil conflict. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/31 Emergency schooling during the crisis since December 2013 has reached about 110,000 children. But many schools suffer from gross overcrowding, and the target was over 200,000 children. As of 31st May, the education section of the Consolidated Appeal had only been 32% funded. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/31 Work is going ahead in WES on USAID’s Feeder and Trunk Roads Program, implemented by Tetra Tech. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/06/01
Hilde F. Johnson confirms that she will leave the post of Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on 8th July, having completed three years in the post. The timing is also related to personal factors and the recent change in mandate of UNMISS. She insists not only that this is not bending to the recent GRSS-backed campaign against her and the UN, but that she would have carried on if the campaign had continued. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/30 The cabinet directs the Finance Minister to borrow more money to fund development projects. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/30 Unity State’s caretaker governor changes all his state ministers and three county commissioners. (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/05/31
Representatives of Misseriya and Dinka Malual peoples meet to discuss and regulate their cross-border relationship, at Wanyjok in NBGS. There are relatively few points of conflict this year, and they agree to encourage inter-marriages through inter-cultural dances. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/30 General Dau Aturjong defects to SPLM-IO. Dau is an influential figure in NBGS, where he lost a controversial gubernatorial election to Paul Malong Awan in 2010. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/30 Riek Machar, leader of the rebel SPLM-IO, says he is not in full control of his troops. ‘I can’t say I control them, but we are hoping we can control them because we are training them and we are disciplining them,’ he says, in an interview in Nairobi with AFP. (Ref.) More ►
to 2-14/05/31
Controversy erupts over the selection of civil society groups to take part in peace talks under IGAD. IGAD mediator Lazaro Sumbeiywo visits Juba and is accused by the South Sudan Civil Society Alliance of rejecting them in favour of Citizens for Peace and Justice (which is not registered with the government). (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/28 South Sudan has borrowed USD 200 million from oil operators and delayed repayment of domestic loans, says the finance minister. This follows a fall in oil production caused by the ongoing rebellion. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/28 The cholera epidemic is linked to household use of untreated water from the Nile, says a WHO official. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/28 Rebel leader Riek Machar meets the President of Kenya in Nairobi, discussing the IGAD peace mechanisms. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/28 The SPLM-DC merges with an unregistered political party, the SSDF-M (South Sudan Democratic Forum - Mainstream). This apparently comes about because members of the latter are frustrated by delay in the process of becoming registered, through the functioning of the Council of Political Parties. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/28 The foreign ministers of Russia and South Sudan meet in Moscow. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/28 The website of Radio Miraya (run by UNMISS) appears to have been discontinued. It started re-directing traffic to the UNMISS website. This may be due to the recent change in UNMISS's mandate. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/27 The UN Security Council renews the mandate of UNMISS (up to 30 November) and requests a sharper focus on protection of civilians, monitoring and investigation of human rights, and support for humanitarian assistance and ceasefire arrangements. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/27 A new mosque is a subject of dispute in Wanyjok town, Aweil East County, NBGS. A group of local youth have campaigned for it not to be allowed in a central location, but the local government overrules them. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/27 SPLA soldiers in Maban County have been divided into different camps, based on ethnicity. This is reportedly due to an order from the high command. (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/05/27
Representatives of Rizeigat and Dinka Malual peoples meet in Gok Machar, NBGS, on their cross-border relationship. They review the implementation of 18 rules which they had agreed in January, and agree terms for Reizeigat cattle grazing in NBGS in the coming year. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/05/28
A peace conference is held for Lakes state traditional leaders and county commissioners trying to stem inter-communal violence. But some chiefs boycott it and it breaks up early. Police complain that the public is trying to isolate the government by not co-operating in criminal investigations. It appears that participants agreed on an idea put forward by the acting Lakes governor, of internal borders supervised by tribal courts. But some observers consider this impractical and likely to engender more conflict. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/23 156 people are reported dead in clashes between youth from Rumbek North and Cueibet Counties, Lakes State, according to police. The dead are mainly from Waat and Panyar sections. Many died in an ambush when returning home with raided cattle. Communities do not co-operate much with police investigations. A peace conference had started by 27 May. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/22 Many prisoners are being released corruptly, according to a judge (he says 400 out of 600 in Aweil prison). He cites this as a reason to enforce the death penalty. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/22 GRSS has set up a taskforce to help draft a media bill. It includes representatives of various kinds of civil society group. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Mark Nyipuoc, says that the aim is to 'reform and reposition the media' to serve democracy and development through transparency and people-driven access to information. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/20 A donor conference in Oslo on the crisis in South Sudan initially mobilizes USD 600 million in new pledges. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/20 David Yau Yau, leader of the former SSDM/A Cobra faction rebels, returns to Juba saying that this marks the end of his faction's conflict with the government and that Greater Pibor Administrative Area is already in effect. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/16 Juba municipality prohibits smoking in public places. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/16 The AU Commission of Enquiry on South Sudan takes an ‘initial position' on the prosecution of leaders accountable for atrocities. It is 'leaning towards the creation of a hybrid court along the lines of the Extraordinary African Chambers in Senegal', to be established jointly by the AU and UN. It takes this to be compatible with a recent call by the UN Secretary-General. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/16 In his SPLA Day address to the nation President Kiir says that nobody who murdered can claim that it was to support him or the government. They must be identified by the Human Rights Abuses Investigation Committee and sentenced to death. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/15 The GRSS Information Minister claims that the US is waging a proxy war against the government in order to gain control of South Sudan's oil, according to a report in The Standard (Nairobi). He says that Riek Machar and his group have promised when in power to help the Americans gain oil concessions, and suggests that US pressure made IGAD mediators propose the interim government plan which President Kiir signed. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/15 A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an IDP camp, but already spread to 11 residential areas. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/14 A supervision committee for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in CES says the scheme is showing tangible results. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/13 Ghost workers on payrolls are still causing huge losses to corruption, says Interior Minister Aleu Ayieny. He claims to have recovered nearly SSP 2 billion by payroll reform through his ministry, but says the 2013/4 rebellion has left many more ghost workers again. A Salary Payment Committee failed to control the phenomenon, and has been dissolved. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/13 A federal constitution is advocated by EES governor Clement Wani, claiming to speak on behalf of Greater Equatoria. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/13 60 international NGOs sign a public statement mainly urging donors for more emergency funding (through the forthcoming Oslo conference), but also recommending diplomatic support for protection of aid agencies, shift of funds from state-building to community service provision by national agencies, strengthened peace process and ceasefire enforcement, more emphasis on protection in the UNMISS mandate, control of arms flows to South Sudan, and accountability for violence. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/13 The general election due in 2015 will be postponed until 2017, announces President Kiir. This, he says, is to allow time for national reconciliation and the creation of a permanent constitution under a transitional government, following preliminary agreements to end the current rebellion/civil war. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/12 Riek Machar the US sanctions imposed Peter Gatdet, one of his generals, saying that Gatdet had not been in charge of the attack on Bentiu, as mentioned in the US citation. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/12 The WBGS assembly raises taxes on alcohlic drinks from 30 to 50 percent. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/12 The UN Secretary-General, speaking to the Security Council, backs the idea of a hybrid tribunal to try cases of atrocity during the rebellion in South Sudan. He also urges donor nations to support the 20th May donor conference in Oslo. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/12 The measured malnutrition rate in Doro refugee camp (Maban County) has passed the 'emergency' threshhold. The effect of rain on the roads means that air transportation of supplies will probably be needed. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/11 The East African Standard Gauge Railway protocol is signed by the presidents of Kenya and Uganda. The project is expected to link South Sudan to Uganda via Nimule and to Kenya via Nadapal. Work is due to start in October and take three years. The contractor is the China Communications Construction Company. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/11 GRSS and SPLM/A-IO both accuse the other of violating the ceasefire signed between Kiir and Machar on 9 May. An unnamed UN official confirms shooting near Bentiu. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/10 RSS will soon open embassies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/10 The health ministries of Sudan and South Sudan sign a cooperation agreement. Its areas of coverage include importation of drugs, professional training and human resource development. (The South Sudan health minister is Riek Gai Kok, who served as a minister in Sudan before the independence of South Sudan.) (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/09 Salva Kiir and Riek Machar sign a peace agreement in Addis Ababa. The agreement (proposed in outline by mediators from the Government of Ethiopia on behalf of IGAD and negotiated in detail by shuttling between the two leaders) involves a truce to take place within 24 hours, and the formation of a 'government of national unity'. It also pledges respect for humanitarian corridors and the UN. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the US State Secretary both call it a 'breakthrough' in the peace process. (Ref.), (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/09 A peace agreement is signed between David Yauyau`s SSLM/A-C group and GRSS in Addis Ababa. It was mediated by church leaders under Bishop Paride Taban. It is unclear whether the terms vary from those initialled on 28th March, which involve the creation and funding of a Greater Pibor Administrative Area. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/08 UNMISS releases a landmark report on atrocities during the 2013/4 rebellion, which contends not only that war crimes have taken place but that these are systematic enough to indicate crimes against humanity. It recommends that if GRSS continues not to provide an adequate system of legal accountability then the international community should set up a hybrid or special tribunal. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/08 There is severe food shortage in Bentiu, as traders have been killed, and the airport and roads closed due to the conflict, says Unity State's Minister of Information. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/08 Sudan is neutral in South Sudan's internal conflict, and has put its disputes with RSS on hold, according to an advisor to Sudan's president. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/07 Food rations in refugee camps in Maban County (Upper Nile) are inadequate. UNHCR and WFP blames the fighting between GRSS and rebels for insecurity which hinders the transportation of supplies. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/07 Kenya President Kenyatta receives the four politicians who were inconclusively tried for coup plotting: Pagan Amum, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Majak D'Agoot and Oyay Deng. The four are expected to participate in the peace talks in Ethiopia. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/06 The UN Secretary-General says he understands that LRA leader Joseph Kony is hiding in Sudan-controlled areas of the disputed border area between Sudan and South Sudan, near the border with CAR. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/06 The US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on generals Marial Chanuong and Peter Gatdet Yak. Marial is the commander of the presidential guards, seen as responsible for ethnic killings of Nuer people in Juba on 15-18th December. Gatdet is the former commander of the SPLA 8th Division, whose mutiny and attack on Bor on 18th December apparently involved ethnic killings of Dinka people, as did the rebel attack on Bentiu in April, which he is thought to have led. The sanctions freeze any US assets of the two generals and stop US companies and citizens doing business with them. (Ref.), (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/06 UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon meets President Kiir in Juba. A GRSS press release states that Kiir commended the role played by Hilde Johnson as head of UNMISS and that GRSS is committed to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement and the humanitarian Month of Tranquility in May. A 'top aide' of Kiir also says that Kiir agreed to the idea of forming an interim administration with Riek Machar and others, according to Sudan Tribune. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/06 US State Secretary Kerry ‘condemns in the strongest terms' GRSS offensives in Bentiu, Nasir and other places shortly after he had received a personal assurance from President Kiir on implementing the 23 Jan Cessation of Hostilities Agreement. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/05 The Human Rights Commission is developing a human rights curriculum and teaching materials for both primary and secondary schools. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/05 A renewed commitment to allow free movement of persons and goods - especially humanitarian aid - is signed by representatives of GRSS (Nhial Deng Nhial) and SPLM/A-IO (Taban Deng). This had already basically been included in the 23rd January Cessation of Hostilities Agreement which has largely broken down. The new document more specifically includes a commitment to 'consider one month of tranquility from 7 May to 7 June' to allow cultivation and movement of aid and displaced people. (Ref.), (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/04 SPLA recaptures Nasir and Bentiu, and repulses a rebel attack on Renk. Amid diplomatic pressure to implement the 23 January Cessation of Hostilities Agreement, the presidency claims that the SPLA marched into the towns after they had been deserted by the rebel forces. However, other reports had spoken of heavy fighting. (Ref.), (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►
to 2014/05/07
At least 11,000 people cross to Ethiopia as refugees in three days following the SPLA's capture of Nasir from the SPLM/A-IO rebels, according to UNHCR. (Ref.) More ►
2014/05/03 Salva Kiir and Riek Machar both showed lack of concern about the risk of famine, while prioritizing their personal power struggles, says the UN Human Rights Commissioner, reporting to a meeting of the Security Council after visiting both leaders in South Sudan. She warned the leaders that investigations will examine how far they and their colleagues 'either knew, should have known, or failed to take all necessary and reasonable measures to prevent war crimes and crimes against humanity'. She points out that UNMISS still lacks agreed funds and personnel which are 'desperately needed'. (Ref.), (Ref.) More ►